Ev.’s Favs

I’m shocked not to find myself on Ev.’s list of “My five favorite blogs.” Shocked! Oh, wait, he’s never been here, and anyway, I’m always either expecting him to do something, or being snarky about how he hasn’t done it. I don’t think that’s actually listed in How to win friends and influence people, is it?


Comment by Shannon #
2002-02-27 22:19:49

How, exactly, do you win friends?

Do you knock over all the milk bottles and the fair and get to take one home? Or do you have to upgrade from a stuffed animal?

And I’ll tell you how to influence people. Use a Glock.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-02-27 22:35:27

My problem is, I always thought it was ”win from friends”, so after years of cheating at poker, I was surprised to find out I was supposed to be winning them, not their money.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-02-27 23:31:49

Yeah, so what do you do when your friends don’t have any money? Hmm?

Comment by pixelkitty #
2002-02-28 02:45:06

you steal their car :)

hey phil the script works now – sorry for being such a moron! and thanks for the beautiful looking archives! *mwah*

Comment by pixelkitty #
2002-03-05 21:38:10

we miss you Phil! (at least I do) come back!

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-05 21:55:35

Holy crap. You’re right: somehow it’s been a week. I blame way too many questions, a sudden desire for sleep, and my basic, innate laziness. Look for far too many posts, all at once, followed by another long silence. Good thing I’m pretty good at answering blogging-related questions, because as a blogger I really suck.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-06 17:40:10

Heh. I was wondering where you were. It was like, the day no blogs would update, or something. But all week.

Okay, I’m going back to the valley, like, for sure, dude.

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