Speaking of blo.gs

Remind me not to bother Jim with my little bike shed problems (like the fact that his permalinks are off a week, so that you have to manually add one to the number after the year). It was bad enough, seeing his name every time I searched the PHP manual, but now that he’s lead web programmer for MySQL AB, I’m definately out of my league. The bad news for Jim is that whenever I say something like that, I inevitably end up bothering the poor person twice as much, just to punish them for making me feel inferior.

And really, wouldn’t blo.gs be handier if it would take a url in the query string, pass it through its normalization routine, and then add it to your favorites if it found a match? Something along the lines of blo.gs/?addurl=http://philringnalda.com/index.php adding http://www.philringnalda.com would make my bookmarklet a whole lot easier.


Comment by Revvie #
2002-06-19 07:11:28

Love the site as always…. Lord I am tired !!

Comment by Revvie #
2002-06-19 07:11:30

Love the site as always…. Lord I am tired !!

Comment by Revvie #
2002-06-19 07:12:23

Sorry… was running REALLY slow and I click the button a couple times (like most idiots who think that is helping)

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-06-19 07:39:44

No sweat. More like five times, but one of the really nice things about MT is how easy it makes it to edit/delete comments. One of these days I’ll get around to throwing in some javascript to make it only let you submit once, but in the meantime it’s no big deal to delete a few extra copies of a comment.

Comment by Anonymous #
2002-06-22 18:46:52

Just a test comment. Don’t mind me.

Comment by Anonymous #
2002-06-22 18:47:51

Just one more test comment. Last one, I promise.

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