Quick post, before I lose them again

A resurrection of a tab and bookmark dump in progress that was eaten by a BSOD. I was a lot funnier the last time.

Presenting GRDDL and XHTML and RDF
Your Trackback RDF, that you hoped would someday come out of the comments, and be useful as RDF, instead of just awkwardly phrased comments that look like RDF but aren’t? It’s never going to happen. RDF’s going to come out of XHTML by XSLT, not by direct embedding. Shame, that.
Tasmania Magazine
Leatherwood Online rocks. Hard. The pictures are incredible, the writing is wonderful, even lots of the ads are delightful.
Google Spam Report
You wouldn’t think they could act on individual reports of individual sites, while indexing 4 billion pages, but the spammy gateway site I reported the other week is completely gone from the search where they were an undeserved first. Nice, even if it was just coincidence.
GoogleGuy says:
“over the last few weeks, Google has started deploying better technology that negates the effect of blog comment spamming.” Heh. Good for them. I just hope they aren’t doing it by throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
My poor old abandoned Javascript calendar for Blogger-powered blogs got some spiffing up from the ubiquitous minghong and Dr. Andy Chun, turning it into a rather nice Bloglendar.
PinguXtreme and Throw Rocks At Boys
I might need to take back some of the things I’ve said about Flash over the years. And consider anger management.
Revealing your hidden email addresses
I don’t care how cunning your method of hiding email addresses in mailto: links seems to you. It’s not that good. Even my “write it with Javascript from out-of-order-parts” method still gets me four or five spams a week. If you think entity encoding or adding words like “[at]” or “mysecret_NOSPAM_@whatever.com” will keep your address safe, think about how little time it would take you to defeat them, even without any economic incentive. And if you think your methods are good enough to use them on addresses supplied by innocent commenters, you really need to think again. If everyone can safely assume that an email address left with a comment will never appear in public, then we don’t all have to switch to commenting with Mark’s a@b.com address. Otherwise, we do. Building a mailto: with someone else’s address is unacceptable behavior. I have spoken.
Atom syntax mailing list archive
If the actual spec is being hammered out in smoke-filled rooms by the RTP Cabal, then this is a pretty funny way to keep too many cooks out of trouble. If this is producing the actual spec, I fear it. Some impressive mailing-list-fu being displayed, though.
New York Times link generator
You can link to New York Times stories with the URL you would get if you subscribed to their RSS feed, and bypass having to tell the registration page that you’re a rich Afghan woman born in 1909 (again). Is this a wonderful intarwebnet, or what?
RealOne Player from the BBC
Install RealOne direct from Real, and it’s a spam-spewing, constant nagging, spyware nuisance. Install it from the BBC’s audio help page, and it’s a perfect angel. Is this a wonderful intarwebnet, or what?
CSS-only Filters
Showing you the effect on various browsers of changing from @import"styles.css" to @import "styles.css". Wasn’t CSS supposed to simplify things?
Norman Walsh implements Trackback
Discovers it’s not even remotely the RDF it appears to be. Rather like thinking your first apartment is pretty cool, with all the furniture you dug out of dumpsters, right up until that first person you want to impress comes over, and you can’t find a single safe place for them to sit.
Protecting trademarks from language change
Jesse Ruderman may be “neither an IP lawyer nor a linguist” but his suggestions sound more reasonable than the usual trademark warnings. If I was firefoxing around the web and ran into one like his, I might not even make fun of it.
Evan Williams on the API Wars
For some reason, when I want to find Ev talking about the MetaWeblog API, the Blogger API, and the Atom API on evhead, I always have trouble finding it. Now, next time I should be able to find it, with my keywords. The money quote, for me? “Dave did, in fact, send this the VP of engineering at Google (one of my bosses). His response to us was to do the right thing for the blogging industry.”
A little Javascript, a little CSS, a working Scrabble game. Absolutely amazing.
Because sometimes, you just want whatever. Err, sometimes you need to get things whether your target string is in a tag name, an attribute name or value, or even in a text node.
Liberalize item-level author?
While I was napping, three out of three RSS Advisory Board members agreed that there should be an item-level element in RSS 2.0 that expressed authorship without exposing an email address (see also: never form a mailto: from a commenter’s address, above). Someone whined, and they gave up, but in the original post bringing up the issue, Dave said “I counsel people to invent a new namespace and use an element from that space and give it the value that makes sense” and what makes sense to me is <dc:creator> and <dc:contributor> (after all, they were created by librarians). w00t! Authorized funk!
MyOwnEmail registration
I’d just as soon not say why I’m linking to a site that lets you sign up for free email addresses at hundreds of different domains. You would just as soon not know, too.
Washington Post: The ongoing Internet-security freakout for anybody using Windows
The Washington Post says you better dump IE and use Mozilla, or better yet Firefox. Is this a wonderful intarwebnet, or what?
FOAF linking to PGP public key
For some reason, at the time this didn’t seem right to me. Now, it’s pretty obviously exactly what I needed.

Ahhh. One tab open, and only two bookmarks beyond my standard reference folders. Feels liberating.


Comment by Jim Kloss #
2004-02-29 02:17:28

Fun surfing ’em all – I even understood Girls Throwing Rocks At Boys!

Trackback by anything but ordinary #
2004-03-08 08:14:46

Brain Dump

I’m trying to clear out some of the windows open in my browser. So, here are some links that I’ve found interesting, from the last week or so… A bunny on Mars? ;) Finnish anti-virus firm sends virus to customers…

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