Live jazz tonight

My favorite Alaskan jazz duo, Rare Form, will be playing in the Whole Wheat Radio Concert Hall (better known as the Wheat Hole) tonight, 8pm Alaska Time (midnight on the US east coast, brutally early in the UK, you’ve got me in Japan). Murray Nash on piano and saxophonist Rocco Iacovone hit that jazz sweet spot for casual listeners where you can tell that there’s a whole lot going on, without feeling totally shut out.

Probably because of their regular gig at Talkeetna’s infamous Fairview Inn in the summer, playing for drunk tourists, drunker mountain climbers, and stupendously drunk locals who’ve forgotten it’s tourist season. Man, this writing in press release style’s tough. Rare Form is good: people who know more about jazz than me say so, but they don’t make my ears hurt, and since they’ll be talking as well as playing tonight, I might even learn something. Join me if you like.


Comment by Jim Kloss #
2004-08-28 16:16:01

Thanks Phil! The sun came out and is drying things off and warming things up. Hopefully folks won’t have to wear coats. The kerosene heater isn’t doing the trick. Insulation must happen next. :-)

Comment by Haacked #
2004-08-29 21:51:42

You’re from Alaska? I didn’t know that. I lived up there from 1990 – 1997. My family still is up there and we’ll be visiting for Christmas.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2004-08-29 22:26:12

Cool! (Heh.)

No, I’m not from Alaska, just a big fan of Whole Wheat Radio, which is the project of a couple from Talkeetna, so they play quite a bit of Alaskan music.

I’d absolutely love Alaska during the sunny days in early summer. But even down here on the safe side of 45°N, I’m already starting to get crabby as it gets dark before I get off work at 8 on Wednesdays. Put me through an Alaskan winter, and either I wouldn’t make it through, or I would but the entire population within a few hundred miles wouldn’t.

Comment by Anonymous #
2004-09-02 20:31:39

Hey SpiderPhil. interisting stuff you’ve got on yhe web.

Comment by Haacked #
2004-08-31 10:42:06

Which is why I live in Sunny L.A. now. Overcompensation.

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