But the Yahoo API gives me 5000 queries a day!

At last at last at last, some competition for the Google API, with its puny limit of a thousand queries a day. The spanking-new Yahoo API gives you 5000 a day, the SDK includes BSD-licensed examples in Perl, Python, PHP, Java and JavaScript (Google’s SDK includes Java and .NET examples), and accesses Image, Web, Video, Local, and News searches (last time I looked, Google did Web, Cache, and Spelling). Oh, and Yahoo’s API uses REST rather than SOAP, though I don’t want to go there.

And because Jeremy gets it, the Yahoo API has a weblog (complete with a double-ping from the Yahoo Search Blog on its first entry: I hacked my copy of Movable Type to stop accepting double-pings a year or more ago, wonder when 6A’s going to get around to it?), and a wiki.

Google, if you actually value third party developers, get moving: Yahoo just ate your lunch, and having heard all about your cafeteria, I think they want your dinner too.


Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-02-28 22:30:52