Category Trackback tags plugin

CategoryTrackbackTags is a simple plugin which just adds in the tags that MT makes available for Trackback-related things for entries, but not for categories: a container that only shows up if Trackback is enabled for the category, a count of pings received, the Trackback ID number, and the wodge of Trackback RDF (stolen from my old CategoryTrackbackData plugin).

It gives you four new tags:

<MTCategoryIfAllowPings> is a container tag that only shows its contents if the category is Trackback-enabled. For example, in your category archive template, you could have a sidebar section like:

  This category accepts Trackback pings: add your ping to the
  <$MTCategoryTrackbackCount$> pings by sending one to

<$MTCategoryTrackbackData$> produces the autodiscovery RDF for categories that are Trackback enabled (or ” if it isn’t enabled, so you don’t need to enclose it in a <MTCategoryIfAllowPings>)

<$MTCategoryTrackbackID$> gives you the Trackback ID number for the category, if your lame IIS server doesn’t work with the usual style of links using path_info.

<$MTCategoryTrackbackCount$> gives you the number of pings the category has received.

(To keep it from being too simple and boring, it’s aware of both MT3.0D and 2.x, so while it should work normally in 2.x, in 3.0 you should see it listed on the Main Menu, with a documentation link leading back to this entry. w00t!)

((Which I really should have noted is just stolen from Tim Appnel‘s post on mt-dev. My method sucked, his is much nicer. Thanks, Tim!))

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Comment by James A C Joyce #
2004-05-30 20:37:41

And LOL@WTC too, if you like.

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