Updated right-click BlogThis for Firefox (and Mozilla)

A mere three months over a year after the first version, here’s version 0.2 of a Firefox and Mozilla extension to add a right-click Blogger BlogThis menu item.

Changes since version 0.1: less suckage, still works. For no good reason, I was using the function that gets selected text for the builtin “Search web for …”, which only gives you a few hundred characters. Now, you get 2K characters, spread over the title, URL, and the selected text. The BlogThis in the Google toolbar for IE gives you 178 characters less, which worries me more thinking about how they chose that number than that something will go wrong because we use those extra 178 characters.

Oh, and now in Firefox it will appear in the Extension Manager, with an awful-looking icon. If the sight of it annoys you too much, you’ll find it quite easy to track down my email address to send me a better pair (32×32 and 100×100, thank you very much).

Huge thanks to the aptly titled How to write Firefox extensions for the handy build script, and for collecting everything you need to get started (or re-started) doing extensions in one easy-to-steal package.


Comment by Conjurer #
2006-11-09 09:34:32

Would sure like to see an update, I miss my blog this extension.

Comment by Ingo Vogelmann #
2006-11-17 09:55:53

I wanted to ask the last 2 questions as well :o))

Comment by lorrie #
2006-11-17 10:19:09

i have version 0.3 but it wont let me log in there is an update on BLOGGER but i dont know if this is preventing me or anything i wanted to check whether the version i have and new friefox browser version

can anyone help me please???

Comment by tbbrick #
2006-12-04 06:13:16

Here’s another vote for an update to FF 2.x

Comment by Janaka #
2007-01-05 19:17:50

Here’s hoping you come out with an update to work with ver.2!

Comment by Adam Brannon #
2007-01-11 09:20:48

I have used this fix for many add-ons that are not FF2.0 compatible. It works perfectly with BlogThis and the new Google setup.
1. Download (save link as) the add-on to your computer. Do not open or install it.
2. The XPI file is a ZIP file. Open it in WinZip.
3. Find the ’install.rdf’ file and extract it.
4. Open ’install.rdf’ with notepad.
5. Find this code:
Change maxversion to a value larger than 1.x. I changed mine to 3.0
6. Save the file.
7. Add it back to the XPI file with WinZip. Make sure it is saved over the original in the ZIP.

The BlogThis add-on will now install and work in FF2.0. If you have converted your Blogger site to the new Google base site, just use your Google login in the BlogThis popup window to log on to the site and it will take you to the familiar BlogThis screen to add the blog content, just like it use to.

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