A couple of itty-bitty tools to make using easier:

A bookmarklet to search for the url of the current page in a popup (test it out by clicking, or drag the link to your Links/Personal Toolbar). If you are signed in at, then it’s just one more click to add it to your favorites.

To make it easier for people to add your blog to their favorites, add a link to your page with the url that lists next to your blog (assuming you aren’t in your own favorites: if you are, you’ll need to remove yourself and refresh to show the “add” link). If you want to save anyone with javascript enabled the trouble of hitting back, you can open the “add to favorites” window in a popup that will close after five seconds with:

<a href=”″ onclick=”, ‘_blank’, ‘height=200, width=200’);setTimeout(‘pwin.close()’,5000);return false;”>add to favorites</a>

For some reason, for me at least, Opera fails to send the cookie to make that work, and if you aren’t logged in at you just get “unable to verify login” in the popup, but you can’t have everything. By the way, would you like to add me to your favorites? I’m hanging on to #8 on the most watched list, but just barely.


Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-06-16 18:05:33

Hmmm. Searching by location.href maybe isn’t that good an idea: I tested my link from and got jack, since thinks of me as Searching for location.hostname is a bit better, but will still fail if you are looking at, say,, since thinks of him as Ummm…

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-06-16 18:51:43

Moderately satisfying solution: the bookmarklet now searches for location.hostname with the www. (if any) stripped off: the results on a geocities page are… interesting, but otherwise it’s reasonably workable, unless someone can think of a better idea?

Trackback by andersja's blog #
2003-02-26 12:53:46

Pop me, baby!

For no apparent reason, I’m on Popdex. Check out this post how you can ’’vote’’ with your blogroll!

2003-08-20 14:30:21

i am not a number

(yet another moblog that didn’t publish. damn). this from slashdot: ”The Dept. of Housing and Urban Development is proposing a…


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