Switching Spring

Apparently, it’s spring, when a young blogger’s fancy turns to thoughts of switching:

And of course, lots more people switching things I’ve forgotten, or I’m too lazy to look for a link to. Besides, it’ll just make me feel worse about the rut I’m stuck in, and you can do that for me in the comments just as easily. Go on, you know you want to: what happy change have you made this spring?


Comment by Shelley #
2004-04-29 21:55:42

You can now call me George.

2004-04-29 23:00:53

I started working out and am now so frighteningly bulgy and buff that I am considering running for governor of California. I kill you last…

(PS : Hi George!)

Comment by Lisa #
2004-04-30 01:17:02

Does it count if I also switched an XP machine to freebsd? ;) And switching schools! I’m on a roll here…. ;)

Comment by Mark #
2004-04-30 04:52:00

I’ve switched from solid foods and satisfying bowel movements to a 102 fever, ginger ale and diarrhea. My doctor assures me it’s only temporary though. On the plus side, I’ve lost 4 pounds in 48 hours. On the down side, that’s probably temporary too.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2004-04-30 11:30:03

Bleah. Thanks, I feel better about my rut :)

Comment by Scott Johnson #
2004-04-30 14:30:11

Too much information. ;-)

Comment by David #
2004-04-30 05:58:31

Ah, shoot. I did my switch too early. I switched from MT to Blosxom during the winter.

Comment by Reid #
2004-04-30 07:21:14

I did mine too early, too. I switched from MT to Textpattern right around April 1, and people thought it was a joke. But I’m still pretty serious about it.

Converting my weblog to PDF’s, that was the joke.

Comment by Mark #
2004-04-30 11:28:15

Ooh, a PDF blog. Now there’s a devilish idea.

Nah, it’d be too much work. HTMLDoc doesn’t support CSS, and I’d have to recreate my current design in tables and font tags. Who needs this grief?

Comment by Mark #
2004-04-30 11:24:55

I considered switching to Textpattern, but it didn’t support ETags or Last-Modified headers.

I considered switching to WordPress, but it didn’t support ETags or Last-Modified headers.

I dislike the ”Rebuild” cycle as much as the next guy, but at least Apache gets HTTP right.

Comment by Mark #
2004-04-30 11:31:22

For the record, I have it directly from the WP developers that the upcoming version 1.2 supports both ETags and Last-Modified headers. And it already has comment moderation. Of course, the upcoming MT 3.0 has TypeKey. Oh, such choices. How shall I restrict the free speech of hysterical bloggers?

304 support is a deal-breaker though. I can’t even consider stifling free speech until I get ETags and Last-Modified headers.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2004-04-30 11:41:29

Well, although it doesn’t help your end of the bargain (you still have to run your PHP and do all your db accesses), mnot’s cgi_buffer does a pretty nice job of giving you 304 support at the cost of one line of prepend and one line of append.

But, yes, I’d really rather have genuine file caching. As long as I don’t have to write it in a way that can easily be deployed on anybody’s shared host no matter what.

Comment by Mark #
2004-04-30 12:56:21

Yeah, cgi_buffer rocks, but I couldn’t get it to run under Python 2.3. Dunno why.

I may simply set up my own funky caching system. After all, I don’t want my feed URLs to change, because we *know* how bad clients are about following permanent redirects and updating their cached URL.

But I’ll probably just end up sticking with MT. Boy, it’d be nice to get my hands on that 3.0 beta. Who do I have to blow in this joint to get a damn beta?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2004-04-30 13:14:02

I’ll email you the password.

Oops, unable to connect to b.com.

Comment by Marcus #
2004-04-30 14:01:47
  1. Switched from being single to being married.
  2. Switched from worrying one weblog to death with threats of actually posting, to doing it with a brand new one.
Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2004-04-30 14:24:15
  1. Congratulations! Despite having too many vowels in the middle of her name, I hope she’ll be able to tolerate you.
  2. Which doing it? The weblog part, or the to death part? I’ve been wondering where you were.
Comment by Marcus #
2004-04-30 16:34:19
  1. Hehe… cheers!
  2. Ah, the worring a weblog to death bit. So much to post about, so little impetus to actually post.

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