How do you stand it?

Mostly, I don’t remember my dreams. Two or three times a year, something will wake me up in the middle of one, and I’ll be amazed at what goes on in my head while I’m not using it, but the rest of the time it’s a blank.

But last night, I must have been dreaming of RSS, because I woke up with the fully-formed idea of a documentary video of the history of RSS, with a straight voiceover, and the video being cheesy-effects with “action figures” in cars, full of sly digs at the history as we tell it: RSS 0.90 starts out as a Volkswagen van, then they get a cutting torch and turn it into a pickup for 0.91, Dave’s hitchhiking so they pick him up but he gets in the driver’s seat, RSS 1.0’s a Ferrari that constantly breaks down, and every time a dozen people get out, run around it shouting, and then get back in without doing anything and drive off, RSS 1.1’s an Apollo capsule that parachutes down in the middle of the road suddenly, Atom starts out as a good looking car, but 200 people are constantly working on it, even while it’s driving along, building up and then tearing down enormous spoilers and scoops and weird things sticking out the sides that don’t make any sense at all…

How do you stand it, remembering your dreams all the time?


Comment by Sol #
2005-01-30 09:16:53

Sounds like the claymation video that I did for my ”book report” on The Odyssey by Homer in high school. Sounds almost as exciting too.

I don’t remember my dreams either, and Weberly really hates that. She probably wouldn’t want to know what was going on inside my head while I was asleep anyways.

Comment by M #
2005-01-30 11:36:17

Psst – it’s Volkswagen not Volkswagon

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-01-30 12:02:32

Wups, thanks: wouldn’t want to not get search traffic for odd combinations like ”Volkswagen action figures.”

There may be a reason why I almost never post first thing in the morning.

Comment by Rob Mientjes #
2005-01-30 14:42:12

I–I get it now :)

Dreams are there to tell us that you horribly failed to retain sane.

Comment by Robert Sayre #
2005-01-30 15:14:43

Your comments on the latest Atom draft would be appreciated.

Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2005-01-30 21:05:22

Hey, was that part of the dream?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-01-31 00:01:05

Had I been in it, I would have been the grumpy old man on the side of the road, waving his cane and shouting ”You kids get back in that car, sit down, and fasten your seatbelts!”

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-01-30 23:59:03

I know I’ll feel guilty about not contributing to Atom for as long as it’s around, but I just can’t. Like a great many people you run into online, I’m pretty much an undiagnosed high-functioning autistic, and atom-syntax is exactly like a really bad academic party, where there are dozens or hundreds of people all shouting the same things they’ve said hundreds of times before, all at once, none of them ever listening, and even just trying to read it makes me crazy, let alone trying to respond.

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2005-01-30 12:34:29

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2005-01-30 21:41:20

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