Because I’m both stupid, and a glutton for punishment, my reaction to the news that Six Apart wants to make Trackback a standard was to sign up for the mailing list.

Their reaction?

The email address you supplied is banned from this mailing list. If you think this restriction is erroneous, please contact the list owners at…

You know what? I think I’ll blog it, instead.


Comment by James Snell #
2006-02-21 15:39:37

Heh, don’t feel bad, I received the same response. I pinged Byrne and he fixed it right up. It *should* be working now.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-02-21 15:48:38

Not for me, but that’s a sign, right? It means I don’t have to, right?


Comment by Sam Ruby #
2006-02-21 15:54:16

It didn’t work for me, but then I, too, pinged Byrne and he created a small window of time for me to jump through.

Comment by Byrne Reese #
2006-02-21 15:58:31

Very, very strange. I have made the list public a number of times now and have escalated the issue to our IT folks. I have a feeling that ever since a private mailing list accidently got exposed publicly that operations has installed a process that periodically wakes up and locks down every mailing list. That is my hunch, and I am working with our Ops folks to make sure this restriction is removed.

For the time being I have openned the list up again. If you, or anyone else has any problems accessing the list, shoot me an email at byrne at sixapart dot com and I will fix it. Hopefully no one will have to worry about this much longer.

My sincerest apologies for this – how horribly annoying.

Comment by Neil T. #
2006-02-21 16:00:36

Funny, it worked for me. Must have been some teething troubles.

I don’t think Six Apart meant that personally, somehow :) .

Comment by Neil T. #
2006-02-21 16:01:57

And, naturally, Bryne would just go and post two minutes before me explaining the problem. Heh.

Comment by Byrne Reese #
2006-02-21 16:18:29

Naturally. :)

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-02-21 16:23:48

Rats, I’m in. It would have been such a great excuse ;)

Comment by Jacques Distler #
2006-02-21 17:02:51

And is there a reason why the list archives are not publically-accessible?

Comment by Robert Sayre #
2006-02-21 19:56:08

Isn’t that weird?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-02-21 20:30:04

My tenative assumption is that it’s for the same reason it was banning everyone: 6A is set up for utter privacy, not anything open. I see that the IETF archives all working group mailing lists that they don’t host, so it’s not going to stay that way if it’s going anywhere, anyway.

Comment by Anil #
2006-02-21 23:48:30

”6A is set up for utter privacy, not anything open” um, you mean our mailing list setup, right? :) it’s a necessity, otherwise you would be able to browse the archives of silencephil-L, which would complicate our efforts.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-02-22 00:02:56

/me checks February weblog archive, counts posts

Wow, that must be a pretty low-traffic list :)

Comment by Anil #
2006-03-01 10:45:52

Today, silencephil-L celebrates one solid week of success.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-03-01 22:57:54

You forgot to take away my Bugzilla account: while you were watching mailing lists, I landed three Firefox patches, including a FF2 blocker, and one that was once a 1.5 blocker in two different bugs, though we gave up on it later.

There’s just so very, very many textareas on the web: it’s hard to be sure there won’t be one I can put something into when the desire strikes.

Comment by Byrne Reese #
2006-02-21 23:48:32

Robert, your’re right: it is weird. The archives are now public, but the setting will keep getting reset until I can find the person who has some script running that will constantly reset the privacy settings.

I am not sure that Six Apart isn’t set up for anything open… I guess you only need Google to index a private, internal mailing list once for a few people to get a little over cautious about making sure mailing lists are kept private.

Trust me when I say that it was never my intent to keep anything ”closed” in any way shape or form.

Comment by Pete Prodoehl #
2006-02-22 04:34:41

Maybe the pingback folks will welcome you…

Comment by Byrne Reese #
2006-02-23 13:59:39

No one could be happier to announce that we finally solved the quirky issue with our mailing list server. The list is public and public it shall remain! Also – in a slightly unrelated issue, the trackback spec which previously required users to authenticate prior to reading it, is now completely completely open and public as well (no auth required).

Thanks to everyone for their understanding and patience while we ironed out these kinks.

2006-03-03 00:50:52

[…] Update 1: wow – Within minutes, phil ringnalda has marked the bug as duplicate of Bug 241063 – URI Fragments are case sensitive […]

Comment by Eva #
2006-03-14 13:49:08

Phil — I’ve been scouring the web looking for the perfect blog template. The way your blog is set up is exactly how I’d like to do mine. Do you have template code or something downloadable either for share or purchase? I’d love to hear from you about this either way. Maybe even just a nudge in the right direction if there’s a template similar to your layout (that you’re aware of). Thanks very much for your time, EVA

Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2006-03-15 12:22:35


Not Phil here, but I can answer your query. Phil’s template is the default WordPress theme, very much based on Kubrick (also for WordPress) by Michael Heilemann.

These of course require WordPress, but there are versions of Kubrick for other blogging systems. Here are a couple:

Kubrick for Blogger
Kubrick for MovableType

Comment by Eva #
2006-03-16 02:00:33

Kaf (can I call you Kaf?) —

Thanks very much for your kind reply. Since I left those posts, I have scoured (and I *do* mean scoured) the internet and dug up all I could. Found out about Kubrick and have toyed and experimented with the available code in the ported version for Blogger. My present status is that I’ve gone off the deep end and am doing all kinds of kooky things with iWeb and Dreamweaver and lists of Blogger tags and gawd knows what else, trying to create something truly different. *sigh* I know a little HTML, but I don’t know CSS (although I’ve tinkered with lots of files to tweak things to my taste), or Dreamweaver, or GoLive, and they’re all sitting here on my desk waving their learning curves in a very intimidating manner. (I’m trying not to let them get to me). HTML doesn’t scare me, but…well, it’s a Hackfest Extraordinaire over here, so wish me luck.

You’re sweet.

EVA ;)

Comment by Eva #
2006-03-14 13:54:15

By the way Phil — I’m sorry for leaving my off-topic comments here, but this is the only way I could find to contact you. Of course, my OT entries here are easily deletable! :)


Comment by Eva #
2006-03-16 02:03:04

Oh, and I’m jealous of the cinema display Michael Heilemann brought in for Show & Tell over on Flickr! *sigh*

Comment by Marcus #
2006-04-09 15:22:30

You still out there somewhere?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-04-09 16:25:05

I wonder if there’s some reasonable (where ”reasonable” means ”without using the bloody boolean charts”) way of querying Bugzilla to see how many bugs you’ve ”commented on” during a time period. The inaccurate ”a commenter is me and any change in the last 7d” says 115 this week, but some of that is yammering on ancient things where I long ago duped something.

Yep, I’m still here, but here is mostly there. I gather up things I intend to post about in my aggregator, and then I ask myself ”which of these are you going to be a nice pleasant person about, and say something useful and helpful about?” Then I mark them all as read, and go back to reading bugs and fixing little trivial ones.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-04-09 16:50:50

F’rinstance, take this kick-ass bit of XSS. I’d dearly love to tear off a rant about it, but what’s it going to gain? Will the world be a better place if I have some fun at Google’s expense?

Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2006-04-09 21:17:32

Will the world be a better place if I have some fun at Google’s expense?

Not likely. But why should that stop some you from blogging about it?

If the actual goal with this *activity* was to make things better for us all, I would rather have taken up ultimate frisbee or something like that. The end effect to the world would be about the same, yet I’d have been in a lot better physical shape by now.

Comment by Marcus #
2006-04-28 11:48:18

Good to know you’re still out there somewhere. I haven’t lurked in Bugzilla properly for some time now; chasing endless dupes lost its shine and I never got around to checking out the actual source.

I have to agree with Kafkaesquí: the world may not become a better place, but I still like reading your thoughts here. Don’t go all nihilist on us… that’s my job!

It does seem like your words filter through to the right ears these days, but I hope that isn’t stopping you from posting the odd targetless ramble now and then.

Comment by Mike Mariano #
2006-05-22 17:50:48

Uh oh, who just went red-dashed-underline on Planet Intertwingly?

Can you guess?

You might as well post again, Phil. All your hard work in Bugzilla is now being replaced by an autoreply that says ”wait until Firefox 3.”

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-05-22 19:21:10

Heh. Very little of my very little work is actually Places (though I’m still probably the biggest non-Google contributor, which I think is part of the Places-problem), so I’ve still got some things that are 2.0, but you’re right, I can’t be spreading redness around on Sam’s planet.

Comment by Scott #
2006-04-24 22:38:13

Sorry to post this here, but because you’ve done such an excellent job of hiding your email address, I didn’t have any other alternative.

How come https://addons.mozilla.org/addon.php?id=274 is nowhere close to the version you have here on your blog. Please get it updated or have Mozilla remove it. What’s there now is worthless and doesn’t reflect too well upon you. It appears ”abandoned”.


Again, sorry to have written this here. If I’ve overlooked some obvious placement of your email address here or on addons.mozilla.org please let me know.


Comment by Marcus #
2006-04-28 12:02:13

Perhaps it’s just me, but there’s a strange amount of venom in there for a request to update a listing on another site. Does that really have to be so spiked?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-05-22 19:27:35

While I did notice the venom, what puzzled me most was the lack of choices I was offered: update it (which would mean giving up on having my own update.rdf and giving up on having a maxVersion higher than the latest official release, because AMO is stupid like that), or remove it (which would remove the link to where you can install a working version). No option to only have people capable of following a link to the ”homepage” for the extension use it, no option of abandoning it and never having anything to do with AMO or it again, no possibility that I might have reasons for my choices, just ”a or b, choose one and only one.” Thanks, I’ll take c.

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