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I wonder, does anyone have anything they’d like to say about some new work they’re doing, maybe with an open source project?


Comment by Mark #
2006-02-09 07:41:06

My secret’s out: I’m now working on Firefox full-time. Short-term, I’ll be investigating and fixing accessibility bugs, like bug 243752 and bug 320383 and bug 315402. Longer term, I am to ”immerse myself in the developer community via IRC, Bugzilla, and blogs” and keep an eye on upcoming features, like Places or the new Windows installer, to ensure that they don’t introduce new accessibility problems that would regress Firefox’s section 508 compliance.

In other words, IBM is paying me to work on Free Software and hang out in chat rooms all day.

Comment by Andrew K. #
2006-02-14 17:11:31

^ Mod parent +5 (great news)

Comment by Anil #
2006-02-14 23:29:58

Damn, and here I was all proud of myself for figuring this out just by reading wiki transcripts of meetings. Does that mean somebody actually knows what Places is? Because I can’t find it in 11 seconds of searching and reading.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-02-15 00:13:26