How Many Weblogs?

Blogarithms :

How Many Weblogs?. On the Cluetrain mailing list, David Weinberger asked “Does anyone else have a guesstimate of how many blogs there are?” From research on my own forthcoming book (on weblogs for organizations)…
300,000 people have created diaries on Diaryland, launched in September 1999. I don’t have current-use numbers. Its precessor, Pitas, still has 50,000 active weblogs. Blogger has 290,000 weblogs, and about 50,000 have been updated in the past 30 days. LiveJournal claims 380,000 participants, with 135,000 updated in the past month, and 200,000 updated in the past two months. These numbers were obtained from the pricipals within the past 30 days.


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