Weekend todo list

(Thrown out here in public on the off chance it will force me to actually do it)

  • Blogroll that sorts in update order, from weblogs.com or maybe blo.gs (do I know anyone who doesn’t ping weblogs.com? or is blocked there?)
  • Redo local nav and referer dropdowns so they are crawler/non-javascript friendly
  • Consider non-javascript link for comments, then discard it (again) as being too friendly to spambots
  • Write web app to generate customized Blogger archive scripts, so I don’t have to redesign those ugly pages and rewrite the scripts
  • Do a banner/logo, no matter how horrible it looks
  • Finish bloggertech Pro Tips (finish playing with new Pro features, for that matter)
  • bloggertech/faq post on weblogs.com/blo.gs/linktracker/blogtracker
  • Something on Sunday, I forget what. Maybe on TV?
  • <edit>Play! Tim‘s orders, via Google-IM.</edit>


Comment by Hossein #
2002-02-01 13:59:55

When you say ”too friendly to spambots,” do you mean that you’re worried about spammers harvesting e-mail addresses from comments, or are you worried about people leaving spam as comments (or both)? If it’s just the former, you can always choose not to link the e-mail address with a mailto:…, as well as regsub the @ with <em>@</em>. That’s what I do with rym, and it seems to work.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-02-02 09:26:56

Yeah, harvesting was what I was thinking about. Most people probably don’t realize it, but it’s pretty safe to have your email address in a mailto in comments, since the spambots don’t follow Javascript links. I’m a little leery of any of the tricks for doing spambot-proofing of mailtos, since anything I can find, spambot authors can find too. What I really should do is a whole separate dotcomments_noscript.php that doesn’t do a mailto, but since I tend to get less than 1% without Javascript, it doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

Spamming of comments is a bigger potential problem, though I doubt that most people realize the issue: if your comments are accessible to Googlebot, then any link that someone leaves in them benefits from your PageRank. Even that might not be a problem, since I think I read somewhere that Google’s compromise on urls with a ? in them is to index the page, but not follow any of the links in it, so as long as your comments pass the comment number in the query string you’re still okay. And yes, I’m over-thinking this, but at least it’s keeping me from starting in on any real work ;-)

Comment by pixelkitty #
2002-02-02 21:55:28

just dont let people post their email address – remove the email field altogether?

just an (lame) idea.

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