Is Google getting too timely?

While one of Google’s strengths is the way that (Hi Googlebot) it indexes pages that it sees changing (Hello again, Googlebot) frequently more often than it indexes (Good to see you again, Googlebot) static pages, I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t changing things just a little too quickly. I presume that they are constantly tweaking the way that weblog links affect PageRank, so that they can get the quick boost for new items without being too vulnerable to Googlebombs, but I’d like at least a little more long-term affect from weblog links. Last night I noticed that there was a new, and well-deserved, number one listing for Shannon Campbell on Google, and I would have posted something about it then, but since I was sucking her newly uploaded songs down through the flattened straw of my 44Kbps dialup connection, I couldn’t spare the bits, and I assumed that she would still be on top today. Nope. Gone without a trace. Back to a stale cached page from January, on page 2. Don’t they realize that when people search for Shannon Campbell, they want, not real estate?

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Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-26 15:40:03

They do now. It’s back on top. Gosh, I feel loved.

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