Maybe not totally useless…

I take it back, DMOZ isn’t quite totally useless. It did point me to The Weather Pixie. Now that (the StorTrooper over there –>) is what I call a useful Web Service. Not only does it tell me whether or not it’s dark outside, it also tells Ruzz, Pix, Tim, and any other un-American readers I’m forgetting, whether or not I need a coat. Me, I wouldn’t know if 7C means I need shorts or a parka, but it has a kitty, so if it can load with reasonable speed it stays.


Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 01:52:03

It keeps trying to steal cookies from me, though. Bastard.

I can’t get the damn permalink thing to work. Pout. Help!

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-31 01:57:39

That’s because I’m a lame-brain. I didn’t mean a href=, I meant a name=


Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 02:01:18

Yeah, I tried that already. Lemme add you as an admin and see if you can figure this out. It should only take YOU a nanosecond.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-31 02:06:40

No problem, gimme an invite. Lord, don’t you ever sleep? Must be 5am back your way.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 02:07:20

It is. And no, I don’t. Should be in yer mailbox.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-31 02:18:38

Should be, she says, showing a distinct lack of familiarity with the ways of Blogger invites. And all my crappy email addresses. I haven’t even gotten a single one of these comments, after 15 minutes. If the beer supply gets much lower, I’ll have to have you IM me your username/password.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 02:22:16

Hey, I don’t invite just *anyone* onto my blog, dahlink. I still have seven Bass Ale’s left, too. Neener.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 02:23:48

People are going to think the Weather Pixie fucking rocks with all these comments. For some reason, that amuses me no end.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-31 02:36:45

In other places, I pitch a fit about going off topic, but for some reason in my comments I really like it. Bass, huh? I guess if you can’t get Black Butte Porter you have to settle for whatever watery stuff you can get.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 02:44:49

Mouseover: hahahaha. Funny bastard. I’m not a big fan of beers that make up an entire food group. I’m not really a beer drinker by nature – I much prefer liquor. Bass and Harp are probably the only two beers I drink that actually taste good to me.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 02:48:31

Oh my god.

I think my whole template just disappeared. And I haven’t backed it up yet. I’m going to cry.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 02:50:09

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ’80004005’

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]General network error. Check your network documentation.

/functions/, line 12

Ack! What the hell is THAT?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-31 02:51:20

Odds are that’s just the template server going down, as it likes to whenever Ev’s asleep. No doubt he’ll be waking up, hungover, to 500 emails. Just don’t click ”save changes” on a blank template.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 02:53:37

Yeah, no shit. I’ve actually lost a template before. But it’s back. And saved, too. Can you tell I’ve been up for like 20 hours? Email me yer damn IM information. I’m starting to look like an idiot for all the world to see.

Comment by ruzz #
2002-03-31 07:11:03

you two ever heard of ICQ ?

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 12:26:55

Shaddap. We just got carried away.

Now, how about that Weather Pixie!

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-31 12:35:49

Oy. I hadn’t seen him in the light of day: he needs a haircut.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-31 13:21:08

To add to the coolth, I actually know the couple who do the weather observations that it’s reporting (we don’t have anything fancy like an automated weather station in these parts), so when I see it change from foggy to partly cloudy, I know that Don or Karen must have gone out to take a look. Nice mix of high and low tech.

Comment by Burningbird #
2002-03-31 19:58:03

Gees, Shannon and Phil — next time y’all have a Blogger party, make sure you invite me, you hear?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-31 20:08:32

All you have to do is stay up late enough (though not tonight, I think). It’d be tough to do multiperson chat in most people’s dotcomments, but my preview does pick up new posts since your last submit, so I think it could be done, if everyone ran at pretty close to the same speed. Preview needs to go to the bottom of the list, though: I don’t think I had permalinks yet when I did it.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 21:22:03

I think that might be the most complicated idea I’ve heard today. Although, I haven’t heard a lot of ideas today.

And who knows – if I’m not in bed yet, after only 4+ hours of sleep, it could be awhile. Whee!

Comment by pixelkitty #
2002-03-31 21:44:59

I want a weather pixie! but they have no redheaded stortroopers with a kitty and they dont cover australia.

*pout pout*

I think I might put my st back up on my page.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-04-01 07:56:32

Yah, the redheaded non-StorTrooper looks a bit like a businesswoman whose business gives her a serious interest in the weather. More of a Weather Hooker than a Weather Pixie.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-04-01 13:15:42

They do cover Australia, though: set the region to SW Pacific, and then Australia is one of the country choices.

Comment by WeatherPixie #
2002-04-02 13:24:56

There aren’t that many active sites in Australia, I don’t know why.
Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane worked last time I looked tho. However if you really really want a redheaded StorTrooper with a cat, then email me some images and I’ll see what I can do…

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-04-02 14:30:45

Well, now I’m embarrassed. Never would have called that lovely and sophisticated looking image a hooker if I knew you were going to be coming by!

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