This may take some time…

I knew there was some reason why I was going to download Mozilla 1.0rc1 while I was sleeping the other night. Then lack of good sense took over, and I decided not to, since I rarely use Mozilla (it may be better, it may be worse, but it’s different, and the main thing I want from a broswer is invisibility – if I notice the browser rather than the page, then it hasn’t done the job I want it to do). So now I’m looking at “Setup is downloading the required files now. This may take some time depending on your network connection speed.” And since even Shannon’s mom knows my connection sucks, it’ll be the upper end of “some.”


Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-04-21 21:57:13

A mere 50 minutes. Nearly nothing.

Comment by nick #
2002-04-21 22:45:54

hey, speaking of mozilla: for whatever reason, the drop-downs on the right don’t work properly in mozilla. in fact, they don’t work at all. kinda sucks. i don’t know anything, maybe i just broke it, but i’m pretty sure that you and mozilla should fight in an alley behind a bar or something. or you could figure out what’s wrong. or you could force me to open up ie whenever i want to navigate your site. maybe we should fight…nah.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-04-21 23:52:42

Well, here’s the problem: IE doesn’t set a referrer when you change location.href in script, but it and at least 0.9.8 gave links a click() DOM method (incorrectly, as it turns out), so I’ve been creating a link, appending it to the document, and then calling the click() method. 1.0rc1 doesn’t give links a click() method. So now I guess I have to do browser sniffing, so that it will work for the half a percent of my readers who use Mozilla. I hate browser sniffing.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-04-22 00:39:00

Oh. Never mind. As soon as I shut off my computer for the night, I figured it out. Don’t know why I can’t seem to learn to test for the function I want (except for Opera, the lying sack of…). Switched to creating the link node, and then saying if( If theLink doesn’t know from click(), then I don’t try. Obvious.

That’s bad news for anyone (ruzz, that’s you) who implemented my blogroll script – you’ll need to change the javascript to:

function gothere(where) {
newLink = document.createElement(”A”);
if ({
newLink.href = where.options[where.selectedIndex].value;
theBod = document.getElementsByTagName(”BODY”);
location.href = where.options[where.selectedIndex].value;
else {
location.href = where.options[where.selectedIndex].value;

Or possibly something a little more elegant that I can’t manage to come up with right now. Sorry about that: hazards of beta code from someone who doesn’t test as well as he thinks he does.

Comment by ruzz #
2002-04-22 18:28:39


Comment by nick #
2002-04-25 23:17:47

yeah, i’m all about ”testing”, deciding it works, then going to look at it again, and then it doesn’t work. it gives me something to do with my time.

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