That explains that search

I was a little puzzled by the search referrals from “Mike’s Hard Iced Tea Second Head” until I saw a bit of the commercial (with the TV muted, so I still don’t know what it’s all about), featuring a guy with a second head growing out of his shoulder. I’m guessing that the second head prefers Mike’s Hard Iced Tea to Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which, given the aftertaste of the iced tea, would explain his rather bitter and nasty looking face.


Comment by nick #
2002-04-30 23:33:06

i don’t believe any preference is implied. the head is very intrigued at the existance of the tea, and i believe he enjoys it thoroughly. personally, i think it sounds pretty gross. it can’t be better than the lemonade, which as we all know is just urine with a bit of citric acid and food coloring…

Comment by Rachel #
2005-01-09 19:32:08

Goodness, I had one hard iced tea and it was phenominal. I wish i could find more, but the hard lemonades are still great too, especially cranberry.

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