Bloglet users: my apologies

It’s great to have so many brilliant friends, but it would be a bit better if you were a little less patient. Monsur finally broke down and emailed me to remind me that I hadn’t told Bloglet about my change in blogging tool. Poor Bloglet (and, seriously, poor 14 people who have subscribed to my blog), endlessly checking Blogger and not finding any new posts. And, despite the fact that at first I foolishly created a new blog entry on Bloglet, you don’t have to do anything but change the details for your existing blog to switch your subscribers over from your Blogger-powered blog to your Movable Type blog. Bloglet rocks.


Comment by Doug Alder #
2002-05-17 22:27:51

Hey Phil thanks for bringing Bloglet to my attention – what a cool tool – I just went and signed up myself :-)

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-05-17 22:36:54

And now you see Monsur’s cunning plan in action: he reminds me to update, I of course blog about it, you read that and sign up, I subscribe to your updates…

Comment by Monsur #
2002-05-17 23:47:18

Mwahahaha! Phil, you are on to my cunning plan for world domination via Bloglet… And you haven’t even discovered the subliminal messages in each email! (thanks for the link :)

Comment by HR #
2002-05-18 13:51:39

OT. I just wanted to thank you for linking to me. That’s very nice of you.

Comment by Aaron #
2002-05-20 19:50:23

Bloglet is great for e-mail updates but the website needs a better server. Hopefully, tips will aid in that regard.

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