Outta here

I’m off to play in the woods for a week or so. Chances are you won’t notice anything very different from a posting standpoint, but comments probably won’t be answered very quickly.


Comment by James Bow #
2002-05-22 08:50:33

Hello, Phil! You have a great blog, and I especially appreciated your archive scripts. I’d like you to know that I’ve taken the liberty of modifying the calendar archive navigation script, so that it can appear on the index page as well as my archive pages. It also allows users to click to other months. It’s not perfect (it still tries to link to next month’s archives), but it works well enough for now. If you’d like to have a look at my script modifications and suggest improvements, you’re most welcome.

Comment by Tim #
2002-05-22 13:29:27

Have a fantastic break Phil. Enjoy the woods. Whatever happens, time away from a computer screen has got to be good!

Comment by annessa #
2002-05-22 20:55:36

I hope you have a wonderful time!

Comment by Shannon #
2002-05-24 20:39:31

Mrhphmph. Pout.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-05-27 22:19:23

Um, hello? Aren’t you supposed to be back?

Comment by Anne #
2002-05-28 11:56:03

Did you get eaten by a bear or what?

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