Late for the dance

Looks like the Google Dance is happening, and I was perhaps a bit too slow to remove all traces of golfer girlfriends from my Big Blog Tool experimental blog: right now, on www2 and www3, I’m number ten for the dreaded keywords. As in, on the first page. Damnitall.

In other meta news, though, has gone from 588 to 1010 on www2 and www3 (yeah, mostly from my individual entries, but so what?), which almost makes up for the tragic effect of losing the link from the main Blogger Discuss page to my FAQ.


Comment by ruzz #
2002-06-24 11:46:45

you lost the link?

is that because you went to mt :P

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-06-24 14:21:29

Oh, it wasn’t direct punishment, anyway: just that it was changed to a link to the new Public Mind support system.

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