Random blogs

Three ways to surf blogs at random:

NextBlog! gives you a random recently updated Blogger-powered blog.

random blog gives you a random blog from the blo.gs database (updated in the last seven days).

RandomFreshBlog is my version of the weblogs.com version of NextBlog! that Dave wants – I’m using the blo.gs changes.xml file rather than the weblogs.com version, since blo.gs’s file is a superset of weblogs.com’s.

To use any of those, either save the link as a bookmark or drag to your Links bar/Personal Toolbar, then give it a click whenever you get bored (update: but, please, do bookmark them rather than click them in this page beyond a testing click or two, since when you do click here it ends up sending this page as the referrer to every blog you go to at random, and then they see that in their log and think I’ve linked to them, and come to see what I said, and although that’s a nice viral way to spread random surfing it really isn’t very nice… thanks.).

My thoughts from a fair bit of random blog surfing the last couple of days:

  • The overall quality of blogs has gone up quite a bit since the last time I did much random surfing.
  • Dorothea’s right, there are way too many people using unaltered default templates. Including me.
  • It takes more than using Blogger’s “Sports Cut” template to become InstaPundit.
  • I need to get out more – there are a ton of people doing interesting stuff that I’m missing.
  • I’ve been around – pick a random blog out of the last 500-900 to update, and it’s amazing how high the odds are that I’ve read it at least once, or know/know of the author, or (my favorite by a mile) it’s using one of my archive scripts or I’ve helped the author with some sort of problem.


Comment by dave #
2002-07-28 19:07:29

face it, phil. you’re a ’standard’ in the blogging community. an icon. as much as you hate it, and as peeved you’re going to be at me for calling it out, it’s true. i can’t begin to guess the number of people you’ve helped either directly, on blogger.com, or via one of your sites/blogs. i’m not deifying you, nor is it my place or privilege to do so. but my point stands that you’ve had an impact on the blogging world. and from this outpost, it’s appreciated.

you may commence being bastardly-humble now. ;-)

Comment by Phil Ulrich #
2002-07-29 19:07:33

I’m with Dave here. I mean, I can mention the name ”Phil Ringnalda” to nearly anyone with a Blogger blog (and, now, people with MT blogs too) and they’ll know who I’m talking about. You’re known, Phil-man. :)

Comment by HaloScan #
2002-07-29 21:57:07

Dave and Phil are right. And, yes, I do fall under the category of people who recieved help from Phil. :-)

Comment by jim winstead #
2002-07-30 15:14:51

actually, http://blo.gs/random.php bounces you to a random blog that was updated in the last seven days, not any blog from the database.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-07-30 15:50:56

Well, if I’d realized that I wouldn’t have bothered to do mine. Good thing I didn’t know, since I learned some things along the way.

Comment by freestone wilson #
2002-08-01 09:02:34

>>face it, phil. you’re a ’standard’ in the blogging community. an icon. >>>

in my http://freestonelinks.blogspot.com/
links weblog, i posted that, as well as your link and I added it to the sidebar too!
[i am collecting links, a weblog of sorts of links.]
yes, i would agree with the guy, from what i see of your site, Phil!

Comment by david #
2002-08-02 21:13:14


Count me in, too!
I cannot tell you how many times I have visited your site to figure out what I was doing, doing wrong, or could be doing with my site!
Thank you so much for being the incredible fountain of knowledge and pillar of our community that you are.


Comment by Arnab #
2002-08-04 04:16:56

Someone forgot Blogsnob! :)

Comment by sasha #
2002-08-10 07:06:21

me too phil. right when i was getting started, you answered my stupid comments script questions. you are truly an alround nice/knowledgable bloke (as we say in the UK).

Comment by caleb #
2003-01-31 06:46:15

Dammit. I thought you’d linked to my thoughtful prose. Dammit.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-01-31 08:10:37

I do feel bad about that part of it: using Random Fresh Blog as a bookmarklet the way I expected people would doesn’t set a referrer, but as you can see from the list of referrers from people’s stats pages down below here (except when I’ve recently cleaned it out), if people use the link in the page here, it does. Worse yet, lots of stats pages either aren’t public (so my referrer program can’t get in), or don’t have a link back to the page itself, so I couldn’t really link to someone’s deathless prose if I wanted to.

Maybe I should change it from a link to some extraneous javascript that would get rid of the referrer by the time it gets to someone’s site.

Comment by Sadam Who's sane? #
2003-11-17 16:07:44

Yes, blogs are random bunches of bloggedy goodness. I love blogs. I will marry a blog someday.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-11-17 16:15:38

But in the meantime, you’ll just try to spam them with your resume, eh?

Comment by Galileo #
2005-07-08 16:02:48

I knew something was wrong when my imaginary friends stopped talking to me! GRRRRR. I miss them! lol jk everybody–i know this has perhaps the least sensical (if its even a word) meanings, all i know is that i typed in : blogs for random – on Google and i got this so………….ummmm…..’
peace ’yall

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2002-07-28 19:43:33

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2002-09-01 10:46:22

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2002-09-04 07:26:07

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Phil also has some interesting observations after surfing around, so it’s worth paying him a visit to see if you agree.

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2003-07-24 23:34:52

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