Tonight’s second plugin from the Ulrich Plugin Foundry is an interesting twist on TrackBack: TrackForward is a plugin to list the TrackBack urls that an entry pinged, for easy gathering by the next person to come into a conversation. This entry is pinging his, so the TrackBack popup will have an example of TrackForward in action.


Comment by Shannon #
2002-07-30 10:47:13

Oh, neat. But I’ve already fried my categories with TrackBack – I’m afraid my journal may end up translated to Tagalog if I tried to install this. So I’ll just admire. From afar.

Comment by Phil Ulrich #
2002-07-30 13:22:20

Ah, that’s ok. While I’d love to see more people implement TF, it’s really useful for people like me who ping several entries with one go. Now, if you fall into that category…. ;)

Comment by Shannon #
2002-07-30 13:56:32

Absolutely not. I ping very rarely.

And besides: there’s no one left to ping when you’re a raging, egomaniacal rock star. Just sayin’.

Comment by Phil Ulrich #
2002-07-30 21:08:09

Except other raging, egomaniacal rock stars. Who probably take offense at your interpretation of their single unique thought process. And vice versa. ;)

Comment by Shannon #
2002-07-31 18:20:11

Goddamn right. You see, what I think… what were you saying?

Comment by Shannon #
2002-07-31 18:21:17

Oh, and pretend I say some geeky stuff. This is Phil’s place, after all.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-07-31 18:27:49

Uh, Phil Phil’s place.


Comment by Phil Ulrich #
2002-07-31 20:48:43

Phil 2. I just call him Phil 2. Of course, this is because my ego refuses to accept that I could be Phil 2. I’m Phil 1, because I knew me first. ;)

Comment by Shannon #
2002-08-01 16:53:02

Two last word junkies ’round these parts can’t be a good thing.

Comment by Phil #
2002-08-01 18:42:45

No, no it can’t.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-08-01 19:57:00

I’m glad you agree.

Comment by Phil Ulrich #
2002-08-02 06:59:04

I’m glad we can see eye-to-eye on something.

Trackback by Among Other Things #
2002-07-30 12:50:30


And now, in a double dose of TrackForward in action, I’ve done two things. (1) I’m using the principles of

Trackback by Among Other Things #
2002-07-30 22:15:04

Everything in its right place

Following Phil 2 referring to me as the ”Ulrich Plugin Foundry”, I decided to do just that–set up a single

Trackback by Among Other Things #
2002-08-01 20:05:32

TrackForward 1.1

Great, now I have to start versioning the thing. ;) It seems some people were getting strange little hash errors

Trackback by nico | couchblog #
2002-08-02 23:40:09


TrackForward ist ein MT-Plugin, dass eine Liste der Ping-URL’s generiert und in das Trackbackfenster einfügt. Dadurch kann ein neu in die Diskussion Einsteigender (!wordcreation!) gleich alle ver’track’ten Seiten anpingen. Mehr dazu auf M…

Trackback by Thought Envelope #
2002-08-13 14:11:58

Emacs and blogging

Wow. Lots of stuff going on. Its been a while since I’ve really followed all the goings on with Gnus,

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