CategoryTrackbackData plugin

Inspired by Kristine’s totally twisted idea of a bookmarklet-accessible category TrackBack URL for the index page, CategoryTrackbackData is a first shot at a plugin to add TrackBack RDF to your category archive pages.

Download the plugin, unzip, upload to your plugins directory, and add <$MTCategoryTrackbackData$> or <$MTCategoryTrackbackData comment_wrap=”0″$> to your category archive template (outside the <MTEntries> section). Once you rebuild, you should see “Category : [the category label]” in the list of URLs to ping in the bookmarklet, for categories where you’ve enabled pings.


Trackback by lovelinks #
2002-10-13 07:07:06


phil ringnalda dot com: CategoryTrackbackData plugin – a plugin for the category archives (inspired by my question!)

Trackback by kadyellebee #
2002-10-15 15:51:20

enhancing archives

So I spiffed up my category archive pages a bit. I implemented the CategoryTrackbackData plugin so that people can easily

Trackback by A young man #
2002-12-12 19:54:15

A new lesson for me

Where does he get those toys?

Trackback by Site Log #
2003-01-05 16:16:51

Remote Comments

Remote comments? Cool idea, if it works.

Trackback by Unix Gal #
2003-04-21 10:49:47

Progress report

:Dania: and I were playing with category trackback today. She had it 1/2 right and I had it 1/2 right,

2003-05-08 07:22:41


Morgaine LeFaye Net : Blog Testing the trackback concept. So far I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m working with the Category trackback plugin and when I’m on pages from other bloggers, it seems to work well. But when I…

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