Flipping the switch

Phoenix -> Edit -> Preferences -> Set as default browser.

Yep, I can use this. The textareas are lame, things are still in flux (once 0.3 comes out, that’ll be Phoenix -> Tools -> Phoenix Preferences -> Set as default browser), lots of sites are designed without ever looking at how bad they appear in Mozilla, but things like tabbed browsing and bookmark this group of tabs overrule any problems.


Comment by Jeevan #
2002-10-16 10:04:02

I mentioned before (in one of your earlier posts) how I had been using Mozilla. Well, Phoenix 0.3 was just released and it’s a great step up. Faster, leaner, and meaner–and now my default browser.;-)

Trackback by Reflective Surface #
2002-10-12 19:06:32

Phoenix 0.2 experiences

Phil Ringnalda reports his experiences with Phoenix 0.2, the new XUL-based Mozilla browser component. I tried Phoenix this week and

Trackback by Jonathon Delacour #
2004-08-03 07:14:45

The possibilities of (Firefox) search

To become aware of the possiblity of the search is to be onto something. (Walker Percy) I first heard about Mozilla Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox from a September 2002 Phil Ringalda a post titled My Next Browser?: Posting from Phoenix 0.1, a re-casting of …

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