A tasty dish of crow

So that’s why I’m “the infamous Ringnalda.”

Back in June, I wrote a vicious screed about the documentation surrounding modularization of XHTML, and embedding RDF, and the W3C validator, and whatever else was handy at the time. As usual, I saved it as a draft, to let it fester and ferment for a while, before I edited it down to something within shouting distance of reason. Unfortunately, MT had a bug that gave draft posts to Bloglet, so while it was sitting around drafted, it got mailed out. The sensible thing to do would have been to quickly edit it down, and publish it with an explanation to subscribers for why it had changed so severely. Instead, I just published it, to void my rheum.

Then, in August, while I was on vacation, Sean B. Palmer ran across it. Had I edited it like I should have, he would have ended up sounding like the plain speaking, clear explaining friend of anyone who wants to publish on the web that he in fact seems to be. Instead, he comes off as yet another person who failed to lead me by the hand. So he replied, by email, with a cc: to the www-archive mailing list. When I got back, I couldn’t figure out any way to explain away my jerkhood, so after a week or two of having it haunt my inbox, I just filed it away (without, to the best of my recollection, noticing that it was cc:ed).

Bit of an unpleasant shock to be reminded by a referrer from that archived message. At this point, I guess I am doomed to being “the infamous Ringnalda.”


Comment by KafkaesquĆ­ #
2002-10-18 22:18:48

I need to post more unedited lip smackings so I may return months later and honestly admit how much I can appear the guy with a big mouth and bigger opinion; but I’d fail to be known as well as the infamous Ringnalda. There can only be one of those.

Yet surely Phil, someone somewhere must think of you as the ”sweet and distinctive Ringnalda.” Right?

Comment by Phil's Bitch #
2002-10-19 14:06:12

That would be me.

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