Gee, thanks Alexa!

Somehow, Alexa has never really appealed to me: I really don’t want to tell some third party everywhere I go on the web, and I’m not all that interested in where other people went next; I’ll make my own decisions about which link to click, thanks just the same. Ten million people can be wrong.

But thanks to a link from Scott to I wandered over for a look. What with “People who visit this page also visit the kill your weblog test,” and “You may be interested in Stupid White Men,” I don’t think I’ll feel the need to go back there for any more affirmation any time soon.


Comment by Dao, the dog #
2002-12-17 15:23:09

too bad it doesn’t parse beyond
I’m too cheap to get a domain… so for now, I’ll pretend that my web site rating (which says it’s for 0107233) is really the one that appears… (which is really heh heh
Related info for Aaarf… this is so funny, I’m going to put it in my stats opml… not bad for a dog… okay, so there. I left my mark… as dogs are known to do.

ps. the blogger api is broken at
(yeah, I’m too cheap there too…)

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-12-17 19:45:35

I was a bit tempted to claim the traffic ranking for one of my Blog*Spot blogs (”look, I’m number 1,191 on the whole interwebnet!”).

API doesn’t seem broken to me: I just posted through my homebrew PHP app to a Pro blog, and then posted & published through w.bloggar to a Blogger Classic blog with no trouble. What are you using? Sometimes when they shuffle the return values around without ever admitting it, some apps break for a while.

Comment by billsaysthis #
2002-12-18 11:34:52

Phil, does your ’homebrew PHP app’ use the PHP wrapper that Beau Lebens and I did up for API 1.0, or is it something new you wrote for API 2.0?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-12-18 11:53:25

Nope, it’s just the ”Open Post” thing I did with yours for my FAQs last summer: given the amount of use it sees (I’ve gotten exactly one post that I could publish, and maybe a dozen test and misunderstanding posts) I’m not in a desperate hurry to code up my own API 2 classes. I’d be happy to help, if you guys need some really bad coding assistance, though ;)

Comment by yuga #
2003-05-18 17:45:58

Alexa rankins are really cool. Makes you feel you;re on top of everybody else. :D

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