Note to self: steal this code

Just a reminder to me that I want to steal Mark Paschal’s RSS ping for Movable Type code and convert all the lovely Python into somewhere between three and ten times as much PHP.


Comment by PapaScott #
2002-12-19 00:57:12

Isn’t this a script that nobody needs? If you ping one time with an RSS feed (say, via the web interface), that info stays even if subsequent pings leave it out.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-12-19 01:21:43

Well, if you want to be reasonable, instead of throwing code at things, I suppose that might work ;)

I’m just a little leery about doing anything to directly, after suggesting something (can’t even remember what) that ended up putting Shannon in purgatory, having pings via ignored.

And having accidently (no, really) clicked the ”most-watched” link just now, I’m not going to be able to face going back there for a while. Good Lord, what are people thinking? Sure, I spiked the results by doing that blogroll.php code, but out of 58,122 choices they can only find two better than me? Tied with MeFi? That’s so completely wrong I can hardly even joke about it.

Comment by Mark A. Hershberger #
2002-12-19 05:59:20 links to your phpblogroll page when describing how to set up a favorites weblogs list for inclusion in a webpage.

Since many people who set up favorites will read that page (and find out what a great guy you are ;), you’re likely to be in more peoples favorites list.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-12-19 08:08:21

”Read that page and see me telling them to add me to their favorites” as I remember it, though I haven’t looked at it for months (more than about six weeks and looking at anything I do in PHP makes me cringe, so I can’t look at it again until I’m ready to redo it. Soonish, I think.)

Comment by Mark Paschal #
2002-12-19 21:11:17

Oh, does it remember? I just knew my pings didn’t have my RSS link in them, so I figured I’d have to ping with my RSS URL each time and didn’t see anything that said otherwise.

Comment by Mark Paschal #
2002-12-19 21:55:59

Yeah, it sure does remember. Huh. Was entirely unaware!

Comment by jim winstead #
2002-12-19 22:14:46

yes, it remembers (which has the side effect that you can’t unset the rss feed, but that hasn’t been an issue so far). in the next couple of weeks, it will also get smarter about just figuring out when you have an rss feed.

the purgatory that shannon went into was temporary, and is explained (but perhaps not in the right places) on the site — once you ping, information about the site from the other sources (,, whatever) is ignored for three days. the idea is to prevent spurious updates caused by those other sources reporting different times.

what fascinates me about the most-watched list is the total absence of any of the warbloggers. i wish i’d thought ahead enough to snapshot the listing each day. it would be interesting to see how it has changed over time.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-12-19 22:38:37

Less a matter of not the right place and more a matter of not quite thoroughly enough to ease my fears: I’ve seen the ”once you use the form here to ping your website (or use the xml-rpc interface), updates from all other sources will be ignored for the next three days” message, but I wasn’t quite sure about the meaning of ’or’ and ’other’: whether a form pings then ignores xml-rpc, or just all off-site sources. Not that my usual posting frequency really makes three days without pinging that big a deal, I just like to overthink things.

Now that I think about it, though, I do remember reading you saying something about supporting RSS autodiscovery before long, don’t I?

From vague memory, the sites in the top ten or twelve have been pretty much the same, in different orders, for quite a while, but there’s quite a bit of movement in the next ten.

Also interesting about the warbloggers is how many of them are using the javascript from – are they indifferent to Google PageRank, or do they not realize that they aren’t doing their linkees any favors that way?

Comment by jim winstead #
2002-12-20 10:54:35

i’ll make the message more clear (and add the bit about the rss field being remembered, as markpasc suggests).

i hadn’t considered the effect of a javascript-based blogroll on pagerank. that’s interesting.

yes, rss auto-discovery is on the way (for sites that ping directly, and maybe for ones which only ping the other sources), along with other similar things. (blogchalking and foaf stuff seem like they’d be interesting.)

Trackback by atmaspheric | endeavors #
2002-12-19 08:03:21

A better ping to from Moveable Type

Note to self: steal this code: ”Just a reminder to me that I want to steal Mark Paschal’s RSS ping for Movable Type code and convert all the lovely Python into somewhere between three and ten times as much PHP.” Source: Phil Ringnalda I just tri…

Trackback by #
2002-12-19 21:50:33

Broken things

Earthlink’s outgoing email has been broken all day and my pinger might be useless. And some-one has a Live-Jour-nal. o/~

Trackback by #
2003-01-25 20:53:30

Quick links ping-rebuilder

A CGI to rebuild Movable Type indexes when struck with a ping. Some updated items. A clarification, from another coding mishap.

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