Okay, but just one more

I would have said that we had quite enough “blog*” neologisms, until I saw Jason DeFillippo shouting I AM BLOGHOLIO!. Heh. There are a few people that I’m going to picture shouting that as they click Post from now on.

Also, Jason’s right that curlyfries.com is a better source for “what’s my IP address, and what else is my browser sending” than whatismyip.com, with the huge added benefit that you don’t have to remember whether the loser referrer log spammers are whatismyipaddress.com (they are) or whatismyip.com (they aren’t, as far as I know).


Comment by Jason D- #
2003-01-28 21:56:32

Bahahah! I’m glad someone got that. And for CurlyFries.com I don’t keep anyone’s historical data so it’s perfectly safe.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-01-28 22:07:45

Got it, and loved it. I can’t believe that blogholio.blogspot.com was available up until a few seconds ago.

I wasn’t actually worried about what you or anyone else might be storing. It’s just that since I saw Ev’s post a few minutes after I noticed that the losers at whatismyipaddress.com had spammed my referrer log, trolling for links, I assumed they had spammed him as well, and that was why he was linking to someone else. Though it could have been just a coincidence.

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