Helping IE6 stumble through comment popups

Speaking of IE6’s less-than-modern support for basic CSS, it seems that the Netscape Navigator 4.x of the Oughts has a bit of a problem with the CSS in the default templates that come with MT 2.6, rendering the text of any previous comments in a comment popup window in not very readable white-on-white until you highlight the text, scroll down and back up, or otherwise force a repaint. It’s a problem that I’ve suffered from intermittently in my blog itself for some time (and through several backend programs), but I’ve never seen it so predictably triggered. Apparently it’s a result of a bug with floated divs, “clear: both,” and background-color. Using the solution from that Evolt article, I was able to fix it for IE6 by adding position:relative; to the style-sheet definitions for .comments-head, .comments-body and the inline style declaration in the template itself, but according to Girlie, that shifts the problem to IE5.5 instead. I have IE5.5 installed on a P233 with a powersupply that screams like a banshee, so I’m leaving it for someone else to figure out a solution that will work in both Microsoft’s year and a half old browser and also in its two and a half year old browser.


Comment by bodyshock #
2003-06-28 05:02:21

I am having the same problem, the popup comment window not showing the contents except you highlight it. It took me hours and hours of researching looking for the fix. Thanks to your blog. I learned alot.

Comment by legoman85 #
2003-09-24 10:03:31

Intersting. And they say that IE6 is at it’s peak.

Comment by rab #
2004-08-17 15:37:26

Hmm, this doesn’t make ALL the text appear and also has the unwanted effect of making my form fields disappear?? any ideas?

Trackback by the blivit #
2003-02-22 02:09:28

Oatmeal, War, Crotch Rot, and So On

Ha. Phil called IE 6 ”the Netscape Navigator 4.x of the Oughts” and I enjoyed it. Michael Barrish sure is

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