Why threaded comments

From now on I’ll try to just take them for granted, and only mutter a bit under my breath when I have to reply to three different threads in a single comment elsewhere, but today I want to revel a little more in the beauty of threaded comments, and the way they let us talk about text filters for MT, wire service news, pasteurized processed aerosol cheeze food product, the perils of autodiscovery TrackBack, and OPML as a threaded comment reading format, all on a single entry and without having to constantly say “but going back to Jacques’ second comment for a moment.”

No, the question mark isn’t missing in the title; I just wanted to say “this, this is why threaded comments.”


Comment by Paul Freeman #
2003-02-23 23:48:59

Magic. Does this work with/without SimpleComments? If I have to choose between the two, I know which I’d go for.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-02-24 07:31:38

No, it’s still working with SimpleComments, it’s just that inside the SimpleCommentIfComment container it calls a template module recursively, so if you have a TrackBack you get that and just that, but if you have a comment you get it and its children. Being able to hang a thread off a TrackBack would be nice, but I can probably live without that.

Comment by Alexei Kosut #
2003-02-24 08:35:48

Since SimpleComments seems to be pretty popular (heck, I use it myself), I’ve added example template code to the MTThreadedComments documentation showing how to use them together.

Comment by Alexei Kosut #
2003-02-24 08:38:38

Huh. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Somehow the URL ended up in the subject. I think it may have been Phoenix’s fault, though. It was doing some very strange things with the form display when I was composing that comment.

Sorry about that, folks!

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-02-24 08:44:40

I should probably look at whether I screwed something up in the form, then, since I was replying to something and ended up with the caret stuck in the subject field on preview.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-02-24 21:11:34

After a little cleanup of labels and ids (and finding the Phoenix was really unamused when I accidently had the same id on two inputs), I hope it’ll be better now. I suspect that my trouble with getting stuck in the subject was due to having an unclosed label tag for it in the preview template. You can often count on predictable behavior for errors with common elements, but things that don’t get used much don’t get abused much, so the error handling sometimes isn’t as smooth.

Comment by Paul Freeman #
2003-02-25 15:02:40

I think that the problem is actually in the template examples in the installation instructions. I think I hit the same problem.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-02-25 15:10:52

Yep, you’re right. I saw that afterward, last night, but then I got so puzzled by the end of the docs saying ”comment below” when there’s no below that I forgot to email Alexei.

Comment by Paul Freeman #
2003-02-25 15:05:44

Thanks alexei, I’ve got it working with simplecomments too (apart from my own silly typos)

Comment by mistersquid #
2003-09-03 00:19:52

I’ve started with a fresh version of MT 2.6.4, using practically the default install and MT hangs when trying to build the comments in.

On and on forevver.

Oh, well.

Comment by Aquarion #
2003-02-24 01:04:59

Threaded comments are great, I couldn’t work without them :-)

BTW, your front page said there was one comment here when I viewed it, but it isn’t, so you may have a re-draw problem.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-02-24 07:36:32

I think what I have is a combination of too damn many templates being rebuilt and a host who doesn’t like MT and its bursty grabs at the CPU. Watching top while it rebuilds, I can sort of see their point, though there seem to be a lot of other hosts who survive just fine without constantly killing it.

Comment by KafkaesquĆ­ #
2003-02-24 04:00:00

And how many comments is that?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-02-24 07:38:32

Oh, three then, six now. And although this is tempting fate a bit, it is odd that three people in a row got clobbered, and I’ve now made two comments, hoping for three, without a problem. Maybe it knows who pays its bills.

Comment by Laurabelle #
2003-02-24 22:25:03

I am soooo envious. I’ve tried and tried and haven’t been able to make threaded comments work. You make it look so easy!!

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-02-24 23:25:08

A little copy, a little paste, not much egg on my face…

The only thing I did outside the directions was applying the patch by hand, since my copy of MT is so hacked up that I figured it would be easier to just start out copying and pasting, rather than wait for patch to tell me that it couldn’t sync up. Turned out to almost all be in places I’ve kept my grubby fingers out of (so far), but that’s the closest to a tip that I’ve got, since mostly it just worked.

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