Slow down a bit, can’t you?

I’ve been feeling a touch of what it’s going to be like when practically everyone with something interesting to say has a weblog to say it in, and me oh my, those firehoses do put out a lot of pressure, don’t they? Time for someone smarter than me to start figuring out things more than just subscribing to a hundred or two RSS feeds to help people keep up with the bits that interest them.

Just in the browser tabs I’ve got open this instant, Tim Hadley’s thinking about how much you can say outside your Creative Commons license about how you want the things inside it to apply, Karl Schroeder’s pondering the intersection of emergent democracy, stigmergy on the web, Marxism and Kant’s categorical imperative (and this is all heading for his next novel!), while musing on introverts Liz explains something about extroverts that has baffled me for years, Matt’s redesign is also a commitment to do more than just weblog (with a fine why Mozilla article as one of its first fruits), Sterling Hughes points out, with a little simplification from Aaron, that AllTheWeb’s encouragement to customize their stylesheet is also encouragement to make their sponsored links disappear (which I don’t find too terribly unethical, since the intersection between the set of people geeky enough to do a custom stylesheet for a search engine and the set of people likely to click a link that has to buy its way to the top of the search results is probably vanishingly small), Les Orchard has made the jump to Blosxom and is thinking about blogging beyond just geeky stuff, Simon Willison’s working on the site for a positively brilliant idea, a computer science student association to supplement the CS theory from formal coursework with classes and events about more practical things like XML, C++, J2EE, and the like (had there been something like that to counteract the theory-plus-punchcards of my aborted attempt at a CS degree, I might be doing something very different today (or, probably the same thing as right now, but in a big house in Silicon Valley)), Stephanie’s wondering what’s happened to Michel V (again – I did suggest in his comments that Gorfulzimp should consider releasing him again for a bit, before people become suspicious, but now it’s too late), Sam’s keeping the RSS autodiscovery pressure on Tim Bray, while also explaining some (not even all) of the in-the-wild problems that make relative URLs in RSS feeds practically useless, no matter how reasonable they may seem, and Mike Golby, a one-man firehose in the best of times, still outdoes my usual output en passant.

And that’s just the tabs I have open right now, that caught my attention long enough that I didn’t close them when I was done reading them. No time to post, I’ve got to get back to reading.


Comment by KafkaesquĆ­ #
2003-03-05 14:07:21

So this is a ”stop the world (wide web) I want to take a breather” sort of request.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-03-05 15:19:19

More of a ”yet another lame excuse for a link dump” combined with an excuse for not working on what I should have been doing ;)

Comment by Adam Bramwell #
2003-03-11 05:23:37

Indeed. i thought tabbed browsing would be a great way to maintain a train of thought in a single place – A new window for each new idea. Yet they tend to intermingle, because they are indeed intermingled. Even with coloured, grouped tabs to track relations they still multiply.

At risk of stating the obvious, perhaps some harsh rationalisation is needed?

hey, it’s worked for capitalism, hasn’t it?

Trackback by Fragments #
2003-03-10 08:56:58

Quiet evenings in the blogosphere

Not that it ever really is all that quiet, but the past two weeks or so, I’ve noticed a, ehm……

Trackback by Jonathon Delacour #
2003-03-25 04:33:30

The unbearable heaviness of babble

I’ve been meaning to write about Liz’s extroversion post ever since Phil Ringnalda pointed to it at the beginning of the month. Though Phil doesn’t reveal precisely what Liz revealed "about extroverts that has baffled [him] for years," her po…

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