Make IE suck a little less

Via Joshua, for those times when you just have to use Internet Explorer, SlimBrowser makes it suck a bit less. It’s a shell that embeds IE, and implements the best features of Phoenix/Mozilla and Opera around it: tabbed browsing, bookmark groups that open in tabs, zoom, optional MDI view, a “clean all traces” toolbar button to delete all those pr0n sites from your history, cache, and cookies, plus some things that non-IE browsers don’t get to do, like a handy menu of shortcuts to places like My Computer and the Control Panel, all displayed in Windows Explorer mode rather than the ugly FTP-mode that other browsers have to use. Recommended for those times when nothing but IE will do.


Comment by number5 #
2003-04-06 20:28:57

you may want to try this too:

it has many good features you want: tabbed browser window, quick search, popup blocking, etc.

Comment by Tim #
2003-04-07 04:08:14

I’ve used CrazyBrowser for a couple of years and like it, although Norton recently went batsh@t on it and decided it was a virus.

I’m tied to IE because of Surfsaver and Mybase, which I use to save web pages that I find on the web into a database. I would love to give up on IR for all the usual reasons. Do you know of any substitutes for those programs?

Comment by Shannon #
2003-04-07 10:22:54

Hey Tim, I bet even if he doesn’t, he’ll stop what he’s doing and find some replacements for your IE programs just to get you to switch. And that’s why we love him.

Comment by Tim #
2003-04-07 21:24:39

That thought did cross my mind. I hope so.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-04-07 21:53:39

Sorry, not this time: outside my field, can’t drop what I’m doing when it’s work (in theory, at least), and then I had to celebrate the first day of summer by going for a walk on the beach after work. A walk. On the beach. After work. Without a flashlight!

Comment by Doug Ransom #
2003-04-07 13:26:42

Sounds good. Now if only IE could be configured to tell web servers it doesn’t support flash and strip out flash content delivered during regular browsing, I might switch to it. I would like to control when I accept flash content (and it is going to be rare). With Mozilla, I don’t get any flash content because I refuse to install the plug-in. If I really want to look at flash, I spark up IE.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-04-07 22:51:26

I know some people really like jTFlashManager, which is just a tiny Java program that renames the flash plugin dll (in Moz, you can turn it on and off at will, in IE you can turn it on, but turning it off again requires that you shutdown/restart IE), but I’m finding life pretty tolerable with just the zap embeds bookmarklet. It’s after the fact, and you have to do it every time someone shoves a bit of Flash down your throat, but I rather enjoy zapping them: I picture them doing a Wicked Witch of Whichever Direction, melting away.

Comment by Cowboy X #
2003-04-07 17:17:59

w/r/t ”sucking less,” unfortunately, my first thought when playing around with it was, ”huh, it’s like Phoenix but WAY faster.”

Those menus, though… ugh. And it still suffers from all of MSIE’s now-dated problems like alpha-PNGs… back to Phoenix

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-04-07 21:36:49

Yeah, it’s sort of an ugly version of what you would get if you gave some of the best people who’ve worked on Mozilla access to the guts of the OS. Oh, wait, that’s Safari, isn’t it?

2003-04-13 02:20:51

I used Avantbrowser for a while (same concept) and have settled now for MyIE2, which, although it has a slightly wobbly ’feel’, rocks.

I will give this one a try, though.

2003-04-14 04:00:40

Well, I tried it, and have gone back to myie2. Gotten too used to grabbing anything, dragging it a mm or 3, then dropping it to open a new tab – urls, selected text to do a googlesearch, images to open in a new window, etc etc.

Plus it gives me a linkbar and a bar of folders for my next-level-up-the-tree faves, which gives me so much linky goodness right infront of my nose that it makes me all tingly!

Wooo hooo!

(Note to self – cut down on caffeine intake.)

Trackback by Anonymous #
2003-04-07 10:13:41


I haven’t downloaded it yet, but it sure sounds good. Slimbrowser is a wrap-around interface for Internet Explorer. Basically, that means that you get the IE rendering engine, but with a slick new user interface that includes features like tabbed bro….

Trackback by dive into mark #
2003-04-07 10:41:47

Panda mating

Which leads us to the incredibly obvious conclusion that pandas read Kuro5hin.

Trackback by Weblog » #
2003-04-29 02:09:12

Internet Explorer Is a Complete Piece of Shit

IE6 sucks hardcore. Why are you still using it? And where’s IE7?

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