My playlist runneth over

Two new goodies from Shannon Campbell to brighten up your weekend: a new take on Less Like You (weblog entry), and the first time I’ve ever heard one of my favorites among her songs (hey, I like lyrics, too): February (weblog entry). Seventeen times through before I realized that I’ve been misinterpreting the tone of it all along. I can’t tell you how pleased it makes me to see my own name in the URL for those, even if it’s just a little server space.

I’m tempted to say something like “if you haven’t downloaded any of her music” either something like “download these” or “download Oblivion or Dreaming of Violets or Losing Touch or Blind first”, but really, if you’ve been reading me for more than a couple of days and you aren’t already listening to her music, there’s just no hope for you, is there?

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Comment by Burningbird #
2003-04-28 23:23:37

It would be nice, too, if people who did download would drop a word in Shannon’s weblog. It’s not easy being an artist, putting your work out for people to graph. She has a lovely voice and a real talent — and people should take a minute and say, ”Hey. Cool”.

Uh, like me. S’cuse.

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