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For the most part, I strongly disapprove of weblog entries saying “Weblog entries about foo are boring, and anyone who writes about foo should be burned, and the ashes peed on and salted,” since for every one time foo is something that bores me, there are ten times that it’s something I write about. But this solution is just too funny: Marcus has a bookmarklet to blank out entries that mention RSS. It’s a field that’s ripe for exploration: as more people add an id to their <body> tag (I just added id="philringnalda" to my main page, for your convenience), it gets easier to add your own custom filters to your user stylesheet. I’m not quite sure how to tie the CSS to scripting based on innerHTML, but surely someone can tell me.

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Comment by Marcus #
2003-06-17 15:09:03

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way. Well, not an automatic onloadish way anyhow.

If only there were a parent selector in CSS, then you could get away with using something like this instead:

p:matches(abbr[title="Rich Site Summary"]) {
     display: none;

…but there ain’t. :/


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