Off to Idaho

I’m thoroughly out of here, off for a desperately needed couple of weeks in Idaho, beyond the reach of electricity, or telephones, or the bloody internet.

Note to self:


Comment by Fidel #
2003-07-21 16:46:29

I live in boise.. Hope you enjoy your vacation..

Comment by Camilo #
2003-07-28 22:07:20

You should balance your friends with your enemies. That way, you know who’s who and get much more interesting battles.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-07-28 22:42:27

When I was a little kid, the local museum had a mount of two deer, a pair of bucks who got into a fight, ended up locking antlers, and couldn’t get free before they both died, because they were equally strong and equally unwilling to back down.

At first, their battle must have been interesting, both to them and to onlookers, but I’ll bet that after a while, both the onlookers and the combatants were really tired of it.

Comment by Shannon #
2003-07-29 03:37:17

You *are* back. Hi!

Comment by Shannon #
2003-07-29 21:22:33

Psst. I’m on AIM. I MISS YOU! Let’s talk.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-07-29 21:31:42

Oh, sure, right when I get on my first posting jag for months ;)

It’ll be a little while, this computer doesn’t seem to have an AIM client yet.

Comment by Shannon #
2003-07-29 21:56:41

Okay, post away. I’m off to bed… very tired. Glad yer back – you were missed!

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-07-29 22:09:38

Noooooooo! Just got it installed and launched, seconds too late. With you still tired from Blogathon, I might even not have been so over-matched for wit.

So far, it looks like I get to stay home and online this weekend: save some 4am time for me?

Comment by Shannon #
2003-07-30 06:59:24

You got it.

By the way… ”this computer?” Get a new one, FINALLY?, or are you still not at the homestead?

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2003-07-12 05:03:13

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