Yes, yes, yes!

Stavros The Wonderchicken:

…weblogs are like snorting coke off the bellies of teenage hookers

And that, my friends, is why I keep coming back, much as every tiresome two- and three- and more-year-old argument makes me want to leave. Not the teenage hooker bellies, though there is that, too, but the way that every now and then, one of us will crawl up out of the pit, wipe the slime from his or her eyes, spit on the ground, and shout Yes!


Comment by MegaGrunt #
2004-01-20 06:27:15

The best person to ask about this would be Belle De Jour

Comment by monkeyinabox #
2004-01-20 09:59:48

Ahhh.. deja-vu…. the good ol’ days of teenage hookers. Somehow Zeldman doesn’t remind me of any teenage hookers, but maybe I’m not trying hard enough.

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