Doing your own Technorati links

Apparently the in thing to do with your blog this month is to add links to each post’s Technorati cosmos, down in the place where you would have a comments link if you had comments. That’s interesting in and of itself, the whole “if you want to comment, do it on your own blog” thing, assuming as it does that everything you might comment on would be interesting to your readers, and that you always want to write up a summary of the post you commented on, to introduce your readers to what you are about to say, but that’s not what I want to talk about today ;)

You don’t actually have to wait for someone to add a ton of backlinks to Technorati backlinking to their posts’ forward links: just bookmark or drag to your links toolbar this Technorati Lookup bookmarklet, and click it when you want to know who linked to the page where you are.

That scheme does lack the rather interesting PageRank effects of linking every post to a Technorati search for the post, which ought to end up giving Technorati enormous PR, and transferring some of it on to the people who linked to your post, but then after watching Adam Gessaman’s Technorati gaming demonstration post pop up as new again over and over in my aggregator for a full week now (hey, Adam, how many days are there in a “brief experiment”?), I’m not so sure I really like the idea of transferring PR through Technorati.


Comment by Richard #
2004-04-22 00:36:54

Technorati blocks search engines (read: Google) from accessing anything below the /cosmos/ folder, so my dreams in increasing my PageRank by syndicating links (and the link titles) faded after reading its robots.txt.

That said, Adam may have gotten his idea of Technorati-bombing from me, because he implemented his Technorati-bomb after we chatted about my cynical–and so far successful–attempt to increase my hitcount by syndicating the links and title text from sites with more than 1000 inbound links.

Also, I have yet to see someone other than myself credit Don Park (or whoever he got the idea from) for adding Technorati links to the end of each post.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2004-04-22 07:53:43