Holy Crap! That’s Blogger?

Wow. Blogger just got a serious, serious makeover. Pretty new design. Sensible new design. Comments. By Ghu’s horny left toenail, Blogger-provided comments. Author profile pages. Individual entry archives. Template tags that know whether you’re on the main page or an archive. Comments. Did I mention comments? Have you been around me long enough to know what that means? Comments! Blogger. Comments.

There’s still bits of packing material stuck to it here and there, since they seem to have just unwrapped it a couple of hours ago, but still… Blogger! Who knew they still had it in them? New templates by actual rock-star designers. Email to blog. Comments!


Comment by Andis Kaulins #
2004-05-13 04:31:18

Is conservative ”brown” a proper color for the otherwise futuristic blogger movement? I doubt it. I find the new Blogger interface to be a ”deprovement” rather than an ”improvement” both in terms of its hideous briefcase library design and its impractical usage. Who in gods name wants to use tabs? It takes more time to do almost everything because of the ceaseless unnecessary clicking now required from page to page rather than having the ”one page does it all” format of the original Blogger. For example, to get back to the inappropriately named ”Dashboard” you have move your mouse clear up to a distant link placed way up in the right hand corner of the page. Ridiculous! It is an interface for beginners. It is hard to believe this botched job was designed by professionals.

My further comments to the new Blogger interface as well as Blogger Support’s answer to my critique are found at http://www.lawpundit.com/blog/lawpundit.htm

I personally have nothing against those who want to use the new interface, but what bothers me about Blogger Support’s answer – symptomatic of internet companies these days – is that what some users want is simply ignored.

What counts for me on the blogger posting interface is SPEED, EFFICIENCY and SIMPLICITY. The Old Blogger interface had it, the new one has NONE of that, in spite of all the big names who allegedly worked on this update to the contrary.

Here are three cheers for the old Pyra programmers.

Comment by Anonymous #
2004-05-13 15:11:09


Can a blog be made more discussion-friendly by

(1) having Comments sections read from MOST recent to oldest, instead of the other way around? So that
(a) people don’t have to read ALL the comments over and over again chronologically before getting to the new ones?
(b)people can see ”New” comments FIRST?

(2) having a way to inform readers that there ARE new comments to read?

I would like to start a blog that is an Active discussion, more like a message board, really, but with the ”cache’” of a blog. If you see my point.

Does anyone know a way of doing that? thanks. I find it odd and perhaps significant in some way I don’t understand that the ”hot” thing has gone from message boards (which are now ”icky”, BUT have a really communal, egalitarian feel) to blogs, which feel more sophisticated but are really, in their ”log”-ishness, more like islands of narcissism!


Liz Margoshes,Ph.D.
On usenet since 1990,
echonyc.com host since 1991.

Comment by Gordon #
2004-05-19 03:45:13


1. New comments first only works if you are visiting a comment thread twice. The first time I read a post and click that comment link I want to see what other people have been saying.

2. Cookies, Javascript and HaloScan for comments – probably possibly in MT as well. I’ve implemented this on my site.

Your final point… is this very post/comment thread what you are looking for?

Comment by julian #
2004-08-07 02:19:51

I can’t seem to find any template that would suit our site. :(

Comment by CK #
2005-03-04 10:12:42

1.) How do I add my own gradient background into a template (similar to the ”thisaway” background done in orange)?

2.) How do I change the colors of the various boxes in the No. 897 or No. 565 design templates? Also can I make those gradient backgrounds??

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2004-05-09 20:56:49

Renovated Blogger

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2004-05-09 22:57:12


The new Blogger.com is out, and it looks great, both visually and functionally. It’ll take a while to get used to not seeing the old…

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2004-05-09 23:43:28

New Blogger

Excellent new Blogger site has been released. Not only a better looking site, but many enhancements to the service, including: Post by email …

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2004-05-09 23:53:05

Blogger New

I am not complaining. Simple, non-cluttered and no fuss always works.

Trackback by Neil's World #
2004-05-10 00:32:02

Bloody hell!

When I said yesterday on Smaller World that Blogger was having a redesign, I didn’t expect this.

Trackback by Transcendent Ether #
2004-05-10 01:17:58

That’s nice

Blogger re-designed the look and feel of their website. Now, isn’t that special. I can say, at least, that it isn’t as … orange … as it used to be….

2004-05-10 01:55:49

In with the new hotness

In with the new hotness: Blogger relaunches, and they’re serving XHTML Strict, with Zeldman templates, commenting and profile pages and all sorts of goodies. Crumbs. Kottke notes on Ringnalda’s blog that: What’s with all the redirects? On the page expl…

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2004-05-10 04:30:36

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I visited the Urab Gardens show at Olympia this weekend.

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2004-05-10 06:58:06

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2004-05-10 08:18:16

Damn Them

Damn the new Blogger templates for being so much more sexy than the design that I have fiddled with for months and years. Damn them!…

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2004-05-10 09:00:20

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Some insider info: StopDesign, Evhead, Shellen, Biz. Feedback is pouring in: Metafilter, Haughey, PhilRingnalda….

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2004-05-10 09:43:23

Reaction to the New Blogger

…Hasn’t been too positive so far. I shall post a fairly random list of the reactions that I have come across. Diamond Geezer is fed up with the ”Bloody American Dates” and the fact that he ”can’t redraft a blog…

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2004-05-10 12:02:14

Blogger: This darnfangled new thingamajog

Blogger just got a serious makeover: Holy Crap! That’s Blogger? I’ve been using it on and off since it first started, and now it’s finally become really spiffy. Even the default templates are really nice now, designed by bonafide rock…

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2004-05-10 12:44:33

Blogger Relaunches

The new Blogger is here. And though I may be a big fan of TypePad, I must give much love to Blogger for their hard work. The new features are great, the interface is much improved, and those new

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2004-05-10 19:23:15

Nuevo diseño en Blogger

Veamos. Update: tiene nuevas funciones, que todavía no revisé. Nuevos templates, diseñados por monstruos como Douglas Bowman, Jeffrey Zeldman, David…

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2004-05-10 21:42:42

Blogger Refresh

phil ringnalda dot com: Holy Crap! That’s Blogger?. Wow, blogger gets a big refresh. Google hasn’t been asleep. Something to track and try….

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2004-05-11 10:02:34

Blogger gets Comments

Thanks to Phil Ringnalda, I found out about Blogger’s new look and feel, including the addition of comments. I have old Blogger accounts, and first thing I did was pick one of the templates, and re-build my Blogger pages.

The user interface for…

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2004-05-12 03:26:46


Der Blog-Dienst Blogger.com zeigt sich seit heute im neuen Gewand. Designer Größen wie Douglas Bowman, Jeffrey Zeldman, Dave Shea und Dan Cederholm waren im Designprozess involviert. Auf Stopdesign beschreibt Bowman Einzelheiten des Redesign…

Trackback by Living in India #
2004-05-12 10:08:47


This is just Yet Another Post On the Relaunch Of Blogger. The entire blogosphere has been flooded with this in the past two days. I thought it would be nice to throw in my experience too….

Comment by graffiti #
2005-11-10 02:38:01

it’s always the same thingz !!!!

2007-05-01 10:35:13

[…] Doug recruited some terrific designers to design and style brand new, standards-based templates for the relaunch (in addition to the fine templates he contributed), and I was honored to be one of this select group: Dan Cederholm, Todd Dominey, Dave Shea and Jeffrey Zeldman all created some fantastic designs for the new templates (view a list of all the template designs). […]


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