Rat out a Firefoxer for Blake and Asa

Week four of the community marketing campaign for Firefox is on, and this time it’s right up your alley: reaching out to websites. Blake and Asa want to contact people who’ve raved about Firefox, but have forgotten to add a Firefox button to their site.

It happens (it happened to me, even): you fall in love with the browser, you write about your love, you tell all your friends, but you forget to fly the colors. If you know of someone like that, beat hell out of them just drop the URL for their article or weblog post, along with their name and email address (if you know them) in the handy-dandy tool, so they can get a personal reminder from Blake or Asa.

While you are there, don’t forget to check out the list of URLs that are missing contact info, to help rat out a few more people. Tim, I already got you, since your URL was sitting there like a ripe plum when I first looked ;)


Comment by Tim #
2004-08-04 19:59:38

Thanks, I’ve been contacted. You know, I have a love /hate relationship with Fire… I’ve been using it for over a year and half and have written recommending it several times. I even got my mother to switch.

But each time I write something nice, they go and do something not so nice. With 0.8 it was shutting down the extension room. With 0.9 it was releasing a build they were warned wasn’t ready for prime time. And they need to work on communicating. Currently, they are sitting silently on a security fix for an old bug that was revealed a couple weeks ago — but can you find out anything out about it on the Mozilla site? I can’t. I had written up a very nice review of 0.92, but I’m not going to post it or put a graphic on my main site until they push out the security fix.

Still, Firefox is much better than the alternatives, and I use it every day.


P.S. You know I had a graphic at http://www.thebishop.net/geodog/archives/2004/06/25/do_not_surf_the_web_using_internet_explorer.html, right?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2004-08-04 22:52:36