Wondering why BugMeNot is returning nothing but an empty directory? I know I was: I’ve skipped reading three articles while I waited for it to come back. The answer is:

Our host pulled the plug. I reckon they were pressured. If anyone has got some secure, preferably offshore hosting in mind then please let us know so we can get the service back up as soon as possible.

Well, if I was in the newspaper business, that certainly would have been my reaction. There are people who are so annoyed by my demands for personal information, just to read one article, who’ve become so tired of typing in obviously false answers that they’ve joined together to share utterly worthless accounts with obviously false answers? There’s only one solution: push them to hosting in Sealand!

Alternate solutions, like giving people a reason to want to have their own account, either by really personalizing the experience, not just targetting the ads, or by attaching personal reputation to the account? Those take work, plus they don’t give the lawyers anything to do. If you’ve ever had a nest of idle lawyers hanging around your office, you know that’s the last thing you want.


Comment by Tim #
2004-08-20 01:26:54