Credit where ptuie! that was a fly!

I’m just not cut out for this spitting-out-a-fly blogging and releasing of code. I just realized that although pretty much the entire shell of the plugin (minus some really bad code of mine to deal with PluginData, and the actual throttle) is ripped wholesale from Chad Everett‘s award-winning Notifier plugin, there’s not one speck of credit for that anywhere. I filed off the serial numbers, thinking I’d put them back when I’d figured out how to reconcile licenses and how to describe what belonged to whom, and then I got in a hurry.

Next release, it’ll be there. Meantime, Chad, there’s a little something from your wishlist headed your way, but I’m afraid that in my second late-realization of the evening, it occurs to me that buying a book that will help you write more and better code for me to steal might not be the most appropriate apology.


Comment by Scott #
2004-08-31 00:53:24

At least you stole Chad’s code to write a plugin that does something. I stole his code to write a plugin that does nothing! And I don’t feel a bit of remorse.

Comment by jayseae #
2004-09-04 17:11:20

Thanks for the book, Phil – at least you sent something! I’m already looking forward to reading it (arrived today) so that I can help you release even more plugins. :)

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