Who’s my audience, again?

I’m writing a post about character encoding issues with the Sherlock plugins that Firefox uses to power the toolbar search box. That post will (maybe) be read by Whole Wheat Radio listeners who aren’t going to understand a word of it, and by my buddy Jim Kloss who certainly could understand it, but would need so much backstory that the whole thing would be longer than he’d want to read, and by people interested in web development and blogging who really don’t care, and people reading Planet Mozilla who need to know but will need a moderate amount of supporting information to make it clear what’s happening and why I’m right and thousands of plugins are wrong, and by Mozilla hackers who need about fifty words to understand, and will tolerate reading maybe a hundred words, tops.

Getting out of the habit of just letting fly with whatever’s on your mind without thinking too much about how to put it and who’s on the other side of the screen isn’t very good for the blogging flow.


Comment by Niall Kennedy #
2005-01-15 14:12:09

What about people interested in web development and blogging who really care? Sometimes when I run into issues I presume other developers have experienced as well I turn your your blog for the answers. It’s distributed trouble shooting and education.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-01-15 14:37:00