Right-click Blogger BlogThis 0.3 for Mozilla and Firefox: the “there’s more than 26 letters?” release

Although someone pointed it out to me back in December, it wasn’t until 4am this morning (when the best, but most painful ideas seem to strike) that I realized why my BlogThis extension wasn’t playing well with anything other than English: I was using the wrong function to escape the title and text before sticking it in the URI. escape() might sound right, and be what almost everyone else doing a similar bookmarklet does, but it’s completely wrong: to stick things in a URI, you want encodeURIComponent(). So, BlogThis 0.3: There’s More Than 26 Letters. You may find some oddness with stuff like curly quotes if the first blog in your list o’ blogs isn’t published in UTF-8: that’s Blogger’s fault for not recoding properly, and your fault for not publishing in the one true encoding.


Comment by Steve Jenson #
2005-02-13 15:08:10

Hey Phil,

If you can send me a test case of where you’re seeing this reencoding problem, I can track down what’s wrong. Please respond to me in email.


Comment by alanjstr #
2005-02-13 15:44:15

Want this updated on UMO?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-02-13 15:55:46