Actually, that’s HTML 6.0, not 4.0

XML+Data: date-stamped 2005-04-01 or not, Joseph is an evil man. Eeeeevil. Handwaving away the problem of encoding “- -“? Bah!


Comment by Aristotle #
2005-04-01 11:12:39

Just saw that a few moment ago and was instantly repulsed. It’s an abuse of comments first of all. We already did the RDF-in-comments thing, do we really need even more of this? And it glosses over too many issues, not notably that an XML document contains characters, not bytes. What does it mean for a base64-encoded binary image to be contained in a KOI8r or Shift-JIS document?

Not to mention it is ignorant of prior art, by which it is inside-out. Why would you embed the data in an XML document inside comments, when you could build a mime/multipart message of which the XML document is the principal part? The good thing is, that approach respects all the existing infrastructure. Rather than educating the XML parser about strange-looking comments, you only need to educate the existing extra transport layer underneath the parser, which in the case of clients such as browsers already has most of the plumbing in place.

Comment by Aristotle #
2005-04-01 22:19:38

I wonder if the posting date had anything to do with it.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-04-01 22:42:38