Journalism and weblogs, part 327

Journalism is where you get paid for being wrong.

Weblogs are where obnoxious bastards like me call you on it.


Comment by Anonymous #
2005-06-30 03:40:36

The second links now gives a 403

Comment by Martey #
2005-06-30 05:21:16

It works for me.

Comment by Adrian #
2005-06-30 05:39:35

And me.

Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2005-07-01 18:36:36

So Phil, is there a reason your rants read so much better when you do them here?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-07-01 19:06:37

Well, there’s certainly at least three: editing, editing, editing. Especially without preview, I hardly do any editing of comments. Then, there’s the fact that I really do like Charles, and like quite a lot of his writing, at least when I don’t know that it’s all a load of bollocks. I do much better savaging of people who haven’t ever shown me even one redeeming feature. If I was posting here about ”this article in The Register” instead of ”your article in The Register” there would have been a whole lot more blood and body parts flying.

Comment by Charles #
2005-07-12 04:47:21

Um, hello! Nice to be here.
Anyway. The 403s were because I had a hefty .htaccess to stop comment spam. Now lifted; my spam protection is better (though not yet perfect).

As for your criticisms, Phil, I did email to say that I thought they’d get a more public forum if you emailed them to The Register (there’s a feedback link at every story which means it can then get used in the roundup of letters/corrections). If you don’t grumble there, they can’t improve.

Other points: I’m not sure people care much about the precise history of RSS/Atom (I’ll accept I probably got the finer detail wrong); this was more looking forward at what Microsoft’s embrace meant on this.
Conversely, some of the ”facts” you put forward are future-looking (eg impact on shareware programs), which makes them hard to evaluate.

I was trying to give the broad sweep, in 1000 words, which is harder than it might sound. Sorry to have failed. There’s something nagging away at me about security issues with RSS, but that can wait.

Anyway, happy to be criticised, so long as it’s focussed. And now, back to regular programming.

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