Broken, but healing

Yeah, stuff’s probably broken all over the place. Sorry. Don’t hesitate to tell me about it, just don’t expect me to fix it instantly.

And yeah, old stuff will be popping up as new in your aggregator, especially if you subscribe to my comment feed. Sorry.

And yeah, default templates with default contents are lame, and I should fix it, and probably won’t.

But, I’m never again going to see my weblog software returning Perl’s infuriatingly common response to any problem, “Internal Server Error. Check the error log for a message that’s no more help than this.” And I don’t think you can imagine just how happy that makes me. Freedom 0? I’m down with that. A vibrant, independent and free community? Cool. But I just wanted out from under the bloody Perl. Thanks, Matt, and everyone else who has worked on WordPress, and on b2 before that, for giving me such an easy way out.


Comment by Jeevan #
2005-10-30 20:01:50

Never thought you’d leave Movable Type. ;-)

(First comment @ the ’new’ blog?)

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-10-30 20:29:32