An unfortunate choice of logo

While doing the never-easy “is this comment in a language I don’t know spam or not?” with a Russian comment, I noticed that at the bottom of the linked page there was an image button linked to spylog.(com|ru). I don’t have any idea what SpyLOG does, but I do know it’s an unfortunate service to use on a page that you comment-spam: their logo consists of the company name, with the Y drawn very large, with the longer stroke in a light color, so it’s not as visible, and the shorter stroke looks a bit like an accent over the P.

Yep, comment-spammed by something which appeared to have a link to “Splog.” That just can’t be very effective.


Comment by M@ #
2005-11-14 04:18:26

Spylog is a very popular Russian counter/analytic service with extended statistics. So those who left that spam measure the feedback of the campaign, I think.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-11-14 21:46:25