Having previously ganked Matt’s Asides for MT, I’ve now just dropped in the original, but I haven’t figured out how to have the front page show ten posts or sections of Shorts, rather than just ten Shorts when I drop in a bunch, or how to manage them in the feed (maybe by excluding them until midnight, and then dropping them in as a single post?) so, sing heigh ho, the unordered list:

Personally, I can’t quite imagine why you would want to, but because Gregarius makes it easy, and I think I’ve got it properly secured, you’re more than welcome to read over my shoulder, so that you’ll have already seen everything I linkdump because I’ve left it marked “unread,” and to enjoy watching my fumbling attempts to make tagging actually useful to me, and to stalk me in those few cases when I remember to tag an item where I commented “philcomment,” and most of all to point out feeds to which I’ve somehow forgotten to subscribe: thanks to the joy of the Doubleclick to (mark as) Read (and thus have it instantly disappear, if you display unread only) plugin, I’m finding 435 feeds isn’t nearly enough.


Comment by Anonymous #
2005-11-22 08:54:00

Apparently, Shelley’s withdrawn the ”Rotations” post, so here’s the link from Google cache:

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-11-22 09:10:20