Room for everyone

Once again I have to disagree with Ben Sullivan: Zaxer is not competing head-to-head with Movable Knife, HiFi Slicemup, Sliver, and Slash in a zero-sum game. They meet different needs for different people, or even for the same people: I’ve seen zarphs that use Zaxer for some content, and slice other things with Movable Knife (no “e”). It’s a big interwebnet, with lots of room to get along: if everyone uses the same Zaxing system, then it will either not do everything that everyone wants, or it will be so complex that nobody will really know what it’s doing. Can’t we all just get along?


Comment by Ben Sullivan #
2002-01-29 16:59:18

I was hoping you’d see that and comment on it! A friend of mine who has no idea what a blog is saw the original post (which you and I parried over) and thought it was all a big joke. That a blog was some sort of Dr. Seuss-like makde-up word. And he thought the joke was genius. So always one to steal others’ insights, I just went ahead and found a real Seuss-ism and swapped out accordingly. You made my day, seeing your post! Zarphing for everyone!

Comment by claire #
2002-02-09 00:36:48

i quite agree. there are different tools for different jobs. greymatter is still my fave for control but blogger does some things better, like allowing a set number of posts on the main page. there’s supposed to be a gm hack for this but it breaks the script every time i try to implement it (and i got the instrux from noah himself). so currently i use gm for one blog and blogger for another, and i’m about to try out newspro to see if that is any fun. ;) my personal bugbear is peeps who use blogging tools for journaling. gives me a headache, that does. cheers. ~c

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